Relax & Unwind Collection
Our Promise - Organic Surge Our Promise - Organic Surge

Relax & Unwind Collection

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Not tested on animals
Suitable for vegetarians
Certified natural and organic


Use our sensuous Tropical Experience Collection to transport you away from the winter chill to warmer climes; Pour a little Tropical Bergamot Hand & Body Wash into your warm bath water to foam up into fragrant bubbles,then use Skin Perfecting Tropical Bergamot Scrub for a luxurious and organic Head to Toe exfoliation and after your long soak treat your body to the sumptuous hydration of our Tropical Bergamot Hand & Body Lotion.


For an intense Night time Nourishment allow the essential oils of our Extra Care Radiance Recovery Night Cream and Replenishing Facial oil to restore, condition and protect whilst you sleep.

Bundle includes: