Create A Regime to Suit Your Skin

The Extra Care Skincare regime, for Timeless Skin Solutions, is the fundament to healthy, beautiful looking skin ̶ whether you want to prevent or repair skin damage ̶ there is something to suit every skin type. It’s as easy as that, so make sure that you never miss a day. Use the table below to recognise your skin type and ascertain the best Extra Care products for you.

Skin Type Symptoms Remedy  Extra Care Solution
Normal/Sensitive Skin - Redness

- Itchiness

Calm Skin and balance moisture levels.
Normal/Dry Skin

- Dry, Flaky Skin

- Fine Pores

- Uneven complexion

Replenish moisture levels 
Oily/Combination Skin

- Blemishes

- Blackheads

- Oily T-Zone

Maintain moisture levels in a natural way