At Organic Surge we promise to only use the highest quality natural ingredients in our products. We’re committed to bringing goodness into the world through our skin loving and environmentally friendly skin care. We pride ourselves on how we’re able to help people to feel better through totally natural and nourishing products.

It’s for this reason that we want all of our followers on social media to keep the cycle going! Bring some happiness into someone else’s life by promising to do a good deed. This promise can be anything from making a cup of tea for a friend to volunteering yourself as a free babysitter! Remember, the smallest act could make someone’s day – and inspire them to do something great for someone else.

So go ahead. Make your promise on our Facebook page and tag three friends (or more!) to keep the good deeds flowing. If we all did a bit extra then wouldn’t it make a massive difference?

At Organic Surge we promise

  • to only make products that are kind to your skin, that we love to use, and believe that you will too
  • to uphold the European ban on animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients
  • to bring you environmentally friendly products, suitable for vegetarians.

Now it's over to you. What do you promise?