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  • Rosie Fortescue"I am really into Organic Surge Lavender Meadow Super Rich Body Butter, which smells amazing and the lavender also relaxes me before bed."
  • Anthea Turner"This range is all about caring for your skin using products that protect and care for it with natural and organic ingredients."
  • Tamzin Outhwaite"I loved using Organic Surge products. It's great to know the products you are using include completely natural ingredients."
  • Caprice"I am a big fan of Organic Surge. I have been trying to find a great product that is all natural and I've finally found one. I encourage everyone to try this product as it's a gem and a great find!"
  • Ali Bastian"My skin has never felt so soft and healthy since I started using the Organic Surge skincare range."
  • Karen Hardy"It's refreshing to finally find a skincare brand that does what it promises - the Organic Surge product range makes me feel like I'm being kind to my skin."


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Natural and Organic

Alan MacKenzie Hi, I'm Alan MacKenzie, founder of Organic Surge and it's my great pleasure to present Organic Surge to you. I suffered from skin sensitivity for many years until I tried using products containing natural and organic ingredients. I made the switch and the difference was amazing - my skin felt and looked better within days. This inspired me to create Organic Surge, a range of products bursting with skin-loving, naturally-derived ingredients and certified organic essential oils. And affordably priced, too! With more than a million satisfied customers, we hope you will enjoy using our products too. Live life better as you use Organic Surge, knowing that it is untouched by harsh chemicals.”

Over one million happy customers.