The Secret Behind Extra Care?

With an organic content of up to 92%, the Extra Care range brings together a magical combination of ingredients, and we wish to share with you the vital properties of each and every one. 





1) Safflower Essential Oil - Naturally softens and smoothes the skin
2) Argan Oil - Naturally nourishing, increases skin elasticity
3) Damask Rose Oil - Calms hydrates and moisturises the skin and naturally calms redness
4) Yarrow Oil - Naturally soothing, reduces inflammation
5) Geranium Essential Oil - Naturally infuses the skin with vital moisture for a luminous and supple complexion
6) Grape Seed Oil - Calms tired eyes and reduces fine lines
7) Para Cress Extract - Improves the appearance of wrinkles
8) Glycerin - A humectant, that keeps the skin extremely well moisturised.
9) Aloe Vera - Containing Folic Acid, Vitamins A, C and E, it calms and rejuvenates the skin
10) Jojoba - A luxurious, natural fluid wax that is quickly absorbed, while it moisturises and protects delicate skin
11) Alfalfa Extract - A natural antioxidant
12) Orange Peel Oil - Naturally rejuvenates the skin
13) Shea Butter - Extremely rich in moisturising, nourishing and protecting components, as well as vitamins.
14) Lavender - Naturally soothes, relaxes and calms the senses
15) Argan Leaf Extract - Protects your skin from free radical damage and improves skin texture