Gentle Care Collection
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Gentle Care Collection

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Not tested on animals
Suitable for vegans & vegetarians
Certified natural and organic
Sensitive skin tested
Packaging can be recycled


Gentle skin care collection for oily or combination skin with a blend of active ingredients which cleanse & control, to help give you a natural, ethical confidence boost.

Awash with goodness. Refreshing Face Wash rinses away impurities and make up without stripping your skin of its protective moisture. Pump the wash into your palms, lather with a little water, massage onto wet skin and then rinse off with warm water.

Perfecting Face Polish takes finely ground olive stones and binds them in a lotion made with moisturising oils and soothing herbal extracts, creating a gently exfoliating skin treat.

Pure Bliss.Take extracts from coconut, grape seed, karite and almond, add fabulously fragrant May Chang essential oil & you have a recipe for our lovely, light Blissful Daily Moisturiser to help keep your skin in tip top condition throughout the year!