Happy Holidays Part 2

After escaping the jetlag relatively unscathed, I had to contend with that weird, motion sickness feeling that you get for at least two days after you’ve landed. You know the one, where you’re brushing your teeth and all of a sudden the ground beneath you is whooshed away is if the plane you’re not actually on anymore has plummeted several thousand feet to Earth. Anyway, once Post Plane Motion Sickness (as I like to call it) had subsided, I began to truly relax and feel in ‘holiday mode’.  Best of all, I was in Arizona, so the dreary grey drizzle of home seemed like one distant foggy memory to me.  Acclimatising to desert heat also meant that my skin needed to adjust. It was just settling in to hibernating winter mode, and now, all of sudden I was thrust back in to brilliant sunshine, and endless blue sky (oh, the hardship). Luckily I had my lightweight Blissful Daily Moisturiser with me, which was a saving grace. It’s light and refreshing, and doesn’t give me that heavy, sticky feeling, that makes my newly applied makeup instantly slide off my face. I have to say, it never left my handbag so it went everywhere with me.

Enough of my smugness about the desert heat: you can’t go to Arizona without a) doing a road trip, and b) visiting the Grand Canyon. So I did both. Unfortunately, the Grand Canyon is really quite high up (note that I’m not a travel writer) and so this meant, yep, you guessed it, back in the cold again! Despite the fact that I hadn’t actually packed for this temperature, I managed to get off quite lightly, as the brilliant, blue sunshine (sorry English folk) meant that it wasn’t too nippy. That and I also had my trusty hand cream with (again, another handbag staple) to contend with the roller coaster temperature ride I was taking my skin on. And my hands REALLY suffered. First of all, I have eczema, and the main area that I get it is on the tips of my fingers and palms of my hands, and this is the first place it flares up if I receive:

  • Not enough sleep
  • Not enough sun
  • Too much cold

As I had basically subjected my hands to all of the above, I was officially screwed. However, I did get some light relief with the Gardners Hand Cream, and the feeling of relief when I applied it was instantaneous.

Thank goodness! Yo yo temperatures are not good for sensitive skin sufferers, but luckily for me, because all the skincare products I wanted to take with me were travel sized, it never seemed too much of a burden – even taking it to the Grand Canyon. I also highly recommend the Kiss and Make Up wipes. Not only did they remove my make up (naturally) but they also doubled up as a handy wet-wipe – perfect for long, sweaty road trips across the desert.

OK, enough already, I promise not to brag again, especially now that I’m back in blightly and am once again acclimatising my skin for the forthcoming Arctic Weather Bomb. Oh joy....

Happy Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And if you’re going to the USA then the season starts a lot earlier than in the UK, so it seems, and I’m packing (or attempting to pack) my bags to go and visit my family in the USA for Thanksgiving. What with the all the rules and regulations over what you can and can’t take in your hand luggage versus  the hold luggage, weighing up what I can cram in my re-sealable plastic bag compared to what I have to kiss goodbye to for the 9 hour flight seems like Sophie’s Choice . So I have to go through my virtual checklist:


  • Air conditioning means my lips will dry out, so have to, have to, HAVE TO take lip balm otherwise will resemble Tutankhamen
  • Foundation: hmm, tough one. Want to look presentable to family that I haven’t seen for years, however after a nine hour flight it’s going to take a lot more than 100ml of foundation to make me look a half decent human being, so it’s going in the hold. Is it? Or isn’t it….I don’t know. Arrrrggghh!
  • Mascara. Do I want to spend 20 minutes queuing for the bathroom on a crowded plane to peer into a smeary mirror in an attempt to apply mascara, only for turbulence to strike and thus end up with said mascara wand inserted in eye? I’ll get back to that one.
  • Perfume. Would LOVE take, but alas the bottle is too big for the 100ml regulation. Darn.
  • Moisturiser. YES YES YES!


So after lots of umming and ahhing, I decide to give up altogether on taking any makeup with me for the flight, and I wave it goodbye as it disappears off in to ether on the conveyer belt at Heathrow airport. What I have decided to do is to ‘do the right thing’ and stay hydrated and moisturised for the flight, as I know that 9 hours on an aircondioned plane will zap my body of any form of moisture. I will definitely NOT take advantage of the free bar, and instead will just drink gallons of water, and ritually moisturise my lips and face….

Well if you count tonic water as H2O and discount the gin that accompanied it, then I definitely obeyed the rules. As for my skin, well that was easy. The Blissful daily Moisturiser is in an easy travel size which meant that I had no problems taking it on board with me, and frankly it’s worth its weight in gold as it instantly revived my parched skin (OK, perhaps the G&T didn’t help on that part), but it definitely made me feel human again, and it sure helped me look a little less haggard.

What also helped me was the Organic Surge Eye Gel. Having failed miserably at any attempt at sleep, along with staring at the in-flight entertainment screen for 9 hours, my bleary, bloodshot eyes needed a little TLC to say the least. As it comes in such a dinky bottle, I had no problems packing it my zip lock bag for the flight, and only a few small drops did wonders at refreshing the delicate skin around my eyes, and quite frankly it was a life saver. I would never travel without it again as the results were so instantaneous, and, as the plane landed and I wearily shuffled off to start my holiday, I at least LOOKED raring to go, even if my body clock didn’t feel like it. Goodbye England and hello sunshine!

Saving your Skin during Festival Season

We are in the midst of festival season, and whether you’re in the mud pit or mosh pit, you’ll easily have time to keep that fresh-faced look (even without showering for three days) with the Organic Surge range, and because we have a super cute ‘minis’ range, you don’t have to lug around bottles of the stuff, which means extra room in your backpack to stuff in some more Home Brew – hurrah!


Kiss and Make-up Wipes

Not only are they hugely convenient, they will clean you up in no time, so you won’t have to get festival paint and glitter all over your favourite sleeping bag. They effectively sweep away make-up, dirt and impurities and rehydrate your skin, leaving it feeling clean and bright. Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive. Plus, they are completely bio-degradable and compostable, so won’t clog up the portaloo (if they’re not already blocked…). 


Skin Perfecting Face Polish

The chances are that you’ll probably be unable to give your face a good deep clean whilst crouching down in a tent with a bottle of dubious water and a ball cotton wool, so using an exfoliator will help to get rid of all the dead skin cells (not to mention mud) to make you feel clean and refreshed. The finely ground olive stone gently removes dirt, impurities and dead cells to boost skin rejuvenation, while the Rosemary and lemon essential oils purify the skin and make it smell divine. The chamomile and ginkgo biloba soothes while the almond oil rehydrates your skin, not to mention giving you a radiant complexion to disguise the three day hangover.


Million Dollar Anywhere Balm

This versatile little pot gives a super-surge of replenishing moisture and care to, well, anywhere really! Blending intense natural hydrators, super-charged organic essential oils and cocoa and shea butters it’s the ultimate multi-tasker, working wonders on hands and nails, heels, elbows, lips – wherever skin dryness or irritation strikes when you are out and about – or in the middle of a field. If that doesn’t convince you, than Organic Surge will donate $1 for every Million Dollar product sold!


Blissful Daily Moisturiser

With its quickly-absorbed, lightweight texture Blissful Daily Moisturiser blends natural hydrators, antioxidants and essential oils to balance oily and dry skin zones and maintain a healthy, smooth complexion. Most importantly it hydrates the skin so can help fend off dull skin from excessive drinking and late nights.


Lavender Hand and Nail Cream

This intensive moisturiser is quickly-absorbed to provide comfort and hydration. Enriched with organic lavender and geranium essential oils, and moisturising vitamin E, shea butter and cocoa butter, our hand cream works to prevent moisture loss leaving hands comforted and softened, and ready to party all night long.


Days spent out in the elements enjoying live music, celebrating and generally not sleeping can take their toll on your skin, but with the mini range from Organic Surge you can still make sure that your skin receives its well deserved TLC, from morning through to night, in just a few simple steps.


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