Breaking bad habits - The Daily Essential Swap for Organic September

It’s that time of year again!

So whether you are an Organic ‘nut’, only shop partly organic, or are only just converting to organic produce, we want to accompany you on your journey and help you make the switch from regular Highstreet skincare products to Organic and Ethical Produce and we can clearly recommend all of our products which:

  • Contain a minimum of 98% plant-based ingredients and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients, by weight, must come from organic farming.
  • Only use ingredients derived from renewable resources.
  • Never contain GMO, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes or animal derived ingredients.

Step 1: Save yourself precious time in the morning;

After a sprightly dog walk, I jump in the shower and cleanse my face and neck with a pump of Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser. I use this in the shower to save time, but you of course can use quite simply with a hot cloth over the sink. This is incredibly good at getting rid of any overnight oil build up (even with my oily complexion!).

In the past I have always used foam cleansers, with the logic that it was the lather that would prevent breakouts and oiliness, but these products actually made my blemishes worse as they stripped my skin of its natural oils.

Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser even removes the most stubborn eye makeup! Something I have struggled with in the past, and the panda eyes look being an all too familiar one! I also suffer from sensitive skin so in the past if even a smidge of product has gone near my eyes then it has instantly reacted; all of Organic Surge’s skincare is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Step 2: A moisturiser which does what it says

After a quick hot lemon drink for cleansing, I use Nourishing Rose Day Cream for my face and neck; it’s true that a little goes a long way! Not only does it smell incredible and has a lovely light feel but the Argan oil nourishes the skin so deeply, your skin feels truly soft. The damask rose oil also calms redness which I am often prone to. Finally,  Palmarosa and geranium oils infuse  the skin with vital moisture for a luminous, supple complexion.

After using an organic moisturiser with super concentrated natural ingredients and no chemical nasties, you’ll see what you have been missing out on.

Step 3: Not all Deodorants are the same

Why should we put up with products that could be harming our skin and even our health?

Deodorant is one of those daily essentials that we don’t even really think about, and it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old products. I myself was guilty of that, until Organic Surge brought out their Super Fresh Deodorant.

Specifically formulated with a unique complex of naturally derived ingredients to gently target odour creating bacteria and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day, it omits an ingredient so commonly found in the majority of Highstreet deodorants: ALUMINIUM.

Many people are not aware of the difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant. An antiperspirant uses pore-clogging aluminium to block the skin and prevent sweating, a deodorant simply kills the bacteria that cause body odour whilst allowing the skin to breathe.

I have been absolutely amazed at the difference switching to an organic Deodorant has made. As a keen runner, I was pretty sceptical about its effectiveness, but there hasn’t been any odour whatsoever and not a sweat patch in sight! I haven’t really suffered from sensitive skin under my arm pits, but applying deodorant after shaving was always excruciating painful and I just learnt to live with the sting! But after using Super Fresh Deodorant the sting just doesn’t happen anymore. I couldn’t believe it!

Step 4: A handy companion

Previously, I’ve been guilty of choosing a hand wash based purely on packaging – something that will look great in my bathroom. It’s always been a bonus if it claims to be ‘moisturising’. Yet I've discovered that although many Highstreet brands use a small percentage of moisturising ingredients in their hand washes, they can leave hands dryer than ever, partly due to SLS, which gives the bubbles but is in fact a harsh chemical. SLS strips the natural oils from the skin leaving it dry, out of its natural balance and more susceptible to damage. This time of year is a particularly important time to make the switch to an organic hand and body wash, now that the colder weather is on the horizon. Switching to Organic Surge’s Hand & Body Wash range (available in three fabulous fragrances) which are specially formulated to cleanse even the most sensitive skin leaves me confident that my hands will win the fight against winter this.

You definitely don't need harsh chemicals to keep your skin in check. Let nature take care of it, switch to organic and you won’t look back!


Are you stuck in a bad skin care habit? Use Organic September as an excuse to switch things around with these Organic Surge essentials. 


Mind, body and Soul

You might think that skincare, beauty regimes and being a hard working, fitness fanatic doesn’t go hand in hand. I, on the other hand, tend to disagree. Despite being a self confessed tomboy (climbing trees was always way more fun than playing with Barbies, IMO) I’ve always had an obsession with beauty and skincare that I’m happy to say has followed me into my 30s. Fitting a trusted skincare routine into my day is as important as breakkie to me.
A typical day for me might go something like this. It’s a Wednesday morning and I think about my long day ahead;
  • What do I need to pack in my not very attractive, but ridiculously practical pannier (ID badge, Blackberry, note pad, check!)?
  • Have I got enough food for the day (a busy day needs lots of good calories, but I try to reduce temptation by taking my own lunch and snacks)
  • Which taxing gymnastic and olympic lifting movements will be part of my Crossfit class tonight (fingers crossed it’s a leg day as my arms are dead from last night’s netball)

I arrive home around 7:30pm, sweaty, not only from my class, but from the cycle home where I reflect on the day’s meetings about the finer details of one of my Public Health contracts. I’m still learning the ropes of my new job so it’s been a tough day! It’s a relief to me that my partner has made enough veggie chilli for two evenings, so that’s one less task to think about tonight. What an angel! Whilst the chilli is re-heating I take the opportunity to have 10 minutes to myself and turn on the shower.
I lather myself in the Organic Surge Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel and allow the citrus aromas to fill my head and instantly feel revived. My skin feels refreshed but not dried out, which is perfect considering the majority of days I shower at least twice! So, my body’s clean, now for the face. The Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash is perfect to have on the shelf in the shower. A couple of pumps and the gentle gel foams up nicely to remove all of the delightful mix of sweat and makeup which would otherwise be clogging my pores. Once wrapped in a towel, I use the lightweight Blissful Daily Moisturiser which, with it’s essential oils, rehydrates my thirsty skin, without weighing it down. It’s scent is soothing and helps me to wind down from the chaos of today’s antics. I pop on a squirt of the Organic Surge Eye Gel (did I mention I’m in my 30s – I need all the help!) and let out a contented sigh when my partner gives me a shout for dinner.
It may seem like too few products to be a skincare routine, but for time tight, busy women, having the right products is all you need for that Monday-Friday care. Weekends, when time is on your side, is when I like to embrace my inner girl and use Face Polish and body scrubs to release my inner glow! In the meantime, it’s back to packing my pannier for tomorrow. Blackberry, lycra, trainers…check!

Be Good to Yourself

Beautiful skin is important to most people, man or woman, old or young, you cannot escape the fact that unhealthy skin is hard to hide. Sure, you can temporarily mask it with a multitude of products, but what happens when the foundation is wiped away?  Of course the fundamental aspect for good skin is about choosing the right product, but there is more to it than that. It’s a lifestyle, a way of life – your choice.

Like most people, my skin became troubled in my early teens. Yes I struggled with the usual spots and blemishes – fortunately I managed to escape the wretched acne - but I also suffered from eczema, something that completely rocked my 14 year old world. Eczema is something you grow out of, not IN to! But apparently not me. I still can’t put my finger on what triggered it, a change in washing detergent perhaps? Hormones? New foods? Who knows, but I have a distinct and horrible memory of spending one Christmas evening with my arms dipped in a sink of ice cold water in an attempt to numb the insane and frantic desire to itch and scratch off seven layers of skin. It took about a decade for it to dawn on me that, no matter how many dermatology appointments and allergy tests you endure, the quest for beautiful skin isn’t as simple as a magical overnight cure. It is about mending a number of different things in my life: diet, stress, sleep, and most importantly, looking after myself properly. What I have discovered that if there is an imbalance in any of these things (and I know it may not be completely universal), my skin really pays the price.

Choose to incorporate them into your daily rituals I multitask in the shower and cleanse both my face and body. I like to use Organic Surge’s Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser for my face – it gently removes dirt and impurities, harnessing the highest quality essential oils and moisturisers to care and clean and fully rejuvenate my sensitive skin.
You may groan at these suggestions, and quite frankly who has time to look after themselves properly these days, when there are so many shortcuts in life available to us. I literally have to swipe my phone, tap a couple of buttons and I could have a pizza at my door in minutes. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s perfect when I am time poor. But looking after myself is different to treating myself. Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party for you special friends, or your precious family. Would you order them a takeaway? Or would you spend that little bit of extra time, and that little extra money on them? Would you do everything in your power to give your friends, your family, the best nutrition, the most attentive support to them to create a memorable occasion? Of course you would, so why would you not treat yourself like this? I’m not talking about being self indulgent (although who could resist a facial?) It’s the simple things, and getting the perfect balance of self-discipline and kindness. Self-discipline to eat nutritious foods, taking time to get the correct amount of sleep, and to put things in to perspective so that you’re not eaten away by stress or worry. It also means feeding your skin correctly, after all, the skin is your largest organ, and its purpose is plentiful, including protecting the body against excessive water loss, which is one of the reasons why it’s important to keep your skin well hydrated. It can be as simple as using skin and body care products that contain certified organic ingredients.

I then apply a small amount of Citrus Mint shower gel to a sponge and cleanse all over. It has a deliciously invigorating natural fragrance with a blend of purifying and stimulating organic essential oils and natural moisturisers. Much better than coffee! Plus the aloe vera works to soothe any skin irritation or blemishes

Once I am out of the shower – glass of hot water and lemon in hand - I towel dry and take a minute to apply Tropical Bergamot Body Lotion, a super-hydrating and quickly absorbed moisteriser to protect my skin from dryness and irritation. Skin-conditioning shea butter and glycerine leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s enriched with organic sweet orange and bergamot essential oils, which eliminate toxins and help to de-stress, and if I’m in a rush, which let’s face it, I always am,  this lotion has such an amazing natural scent that you don’t need to apply fragrance. I love it!

I then apply Blissful Daily Moisturiser to my face and neck. It has a lightweight texture, so doesn’t make my make-up slide off,  it has a perfect blend of natural hydrators, antioxidants and essential oils to balance oily and dry skin zones and maintain a healthy, smooth complexion. Then I’m ready to face the day!

Ultimately, looking after yourself is a daily practice and one that should not be ignored, even in this day and age where we strive to excel at home, work and play. The more I corrected my lifestyle choices, which did mean re-organising the way I cared for myself and my body, the more I began to see the results. It took a few weeks but I can still remember the first time I went away for the weekend where I didn’t have to worry about packing my steroid creams and oversized dark sunnies in case of eczema break out. Now I can wash my face and my skin feels smooth and soft on my fingertips, no stinging or angry red, raw wounds, and that, for me, is simply amazing.


Introducing our new Super Fresh Body Wash!

You may have heard about our new Body Wash as we offered it as an exclusive prize to the winners of the Father's Day Giveaway which ended yesterday. Congratulations to Danielle Gardner, Yvonne Porter, Lorraine Clark & Catherine White for winning we hope your Dad's enjoy their present (that is of course if you're willing to give it up!).


Finally.. you can all now get your hands on our New Super Fresh Body Wash as it is launching on our website today! The new body wash contains the following ingredients, all specially formulated to keep you feeling fresh all day..


  • May chang essential oil - naturally rejuvenates tired and fatigued skin
  • Bergamot essential oil - naturally cleanses and detoxifies, helps to rejuvenate dull skin
  • Mandarin orange essential oil - naturally eliminates toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Natural glycerine - a natural humectant which attracts moisture to the skin, helping it to remain hydrated and soft
  • Aloe vera - naturally calms and moisturises the skin 


Click here to see more information and get yours now!