Britain in Bloom

Now I’m no Charlie Dimmock, but even I couldn’t help but be amazed by all the awe-inspiring exhibitions at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Normally I have trouble keeping weeds alive, but with a sunny Bank Holiday weekend forecast, I have made it my mission to transform my garden from a jungle in to a haven.

You couldn’t really avoid The Chelsea Flower Show this week if you tried. Not that you’d want to, with its immaculate show gardens, manicured lawns and highly imaginative displays there was plenty to inspire even the most novice of gardeners. Whetman Pinks even managed to create a cocktail glass of Dianthus. Cocktails and flowers, what’s not to love about that? Perhaps I won’t aim quite that high, and although my knowledge on plants is fairly limited, the one thing I do know about is how to look after my skin properly after a hard day wrestling a garden folk.

Firstly, the Organic Surge Gardeners Hand Cream is not just your run-of-the-mill hand cream. It’s made with a quick drying formula, so that you don’t have to have wet hands when you put on your gardening gloves. As well as a moisturiser, it also acts as an emollient, so it has a protective barrier for when you are working outside. Not only that, but the smell is just incredible, Lime Basil and Rosemary are a wonderful combination.

When you have finished a hard day in the garden and the lure of a G&T is just too overwhelming, I would recommend that you rinse off the majority of the dirt and soil with the Organic Surge Lavender Meadow Hand Wash. This has a gentle but effective formula, and is even kind to my eczema prone hands. Then I would apply the Gardeners Hand Scrub. This really works wonders for hard working hands, when the mud and earth has worked its way into the creases of your hands. The gentle scrubbing action of natural olive seed helps buff away ingrained dirt and roughened skin, while the enriched blend of plant extracts and moisturising shea butter will return your hands back to their former soft selves. Not only that, but they will be clean clean clean!



But please don’t take my word for it. We’ve created a special edition bundle (with a special discount price!) for any of those intrepid gardeners who are, like me, planning on spending their bank holiday in their wellies. It even includes the Lavender Meadow Foaming Bath, so that you can relax after your hard slog in the garden and reward yourself with a G&T, or a nice flowery cocktail....

Thank you to Whetman Pinks for the images

Looking after your princess during pregnancy

Congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their Princess

As the world goes baby mad to welcome in the new princess, it got me reminiscing about my little bundle of joy (who’s not so little now!)  I ‘shared’ my first pregnancy with Kate, and there is just 3 weeks between our babies. I even suffered from the same dreaded Hypermesis gravidarum as Kate, and can only wish her the best of luck with looking after two under two (one is hard enough!).

Like most other women, becoming pregnant means that you really have to think about everything that comes in to contact with your body, and that means what goes on it too. The skin is the body’s largest organ and research proves it capable of absorbing up to 60% of the ingredients in the products we apply, so for me that meant choosing organic, premium ingredients to get the best for me and my unborn.

The real advantage of using natural and organic bath and body products is that they enhance the skin’s natural function; working in synergy with the skin by utilising active ingredients that help optimise skin regeneration.

Organic Surge developed its range of products with a selected blend of naturally derived ingredients and certified organic essential oils that have caring yet effective qualities. An abundance of natural ingredients have been used in skin and hair care for many years, many of which are widely recognised for their genuine effectiveness in enhancing the health and vitality of the skin and hair.



Your body changes every day (literally) and that can bring a whole load of interesting consequences to add to your already unstable hormonal level.


During pregnancy, you may develop: 

  • stretch marks
  • broken veins
  • sensitive skin
  • itchy skin
  • changes in skin colour (pigmentation)
  • spots
  • chafing
  • Misery, thanks to all of the above.

Thankfully, most of the skin changes that take place during pregnancy disappear after your baby is born, however to get you through it, here are my top Organic Surge products.


  1. Pregnancy can be an itchy time for women, what with skin stretching over the abdomen. I liked to soothe my skin with Lavender Meadow Body Lotion, a light, hydrating lotion enriched with organic lavender and geranium essential oils, which only lifted my mood, but made  my skin feel soft, smooth and moisturised.
  2. Your nails can change noticeably during pregnancy, what with the extra hormones making them grow faster stronger. However, some women, might find that their nails tend to split and break more easily during pregnancy. If this happens to you, try and keep them trimmed and lavish them with Gardeners hand cream. The omega 3 from Peruvian Inca Inchi Oil helps protect skin from dehydration and damage, whilst extracts from marine algae soothe skin redness.
  3. Many women experience changes in their hair texture and growth during pregnancy. The hormones secreted by your body will cause your hair to grow faster and fall out less, which is great! I liked to keep mine in tip-top condition by using the 2-Minute Moisture Hair Mask. It contains pure coconut oil and plant extracts, and it works to penetrate the hair shaft. It leaves my hair so soft and manageable, so no more hairbrush wars for me!



Spring Clean Your Skin Routine

Turn that frown upside because it looks like, finally, the SUN IS SHINING! With today (10th April) forecast to be the hottest day of the year so far, it’s time to switch the central heating dial down, don your bathers, and, while you’re at it, adjust your skincare routine.

Seasonality is a key aspect to your beauty regime, as it needs to respond to the effects of specific weather conditions.

Alongside seasonal colour collections, we should be increasingly aware of how changes in the environment are affecting the conditions of our skin. Just as the winter months are the time to target extreme dryness, the warmer months are the time to nourish skin with protection against sun damage or humidity.

Did you know...?
67% of beauty lovers change their skincare routine each season 

So with this in mind, we’ve selected the best of the Organic Surge bunch for the tops picks for Spring.

Spring time means that it’s time that we should dare to bare our perfectly polished pins, and in order to achieve this look in super-quick time try our . With its deliciously uplifting fragrance, our new and improved body scrub contains, natural pumice, combined with sunflower seed oil, to gently exfoliate your skin to help reveal your natural beauty.

Spring time means that it’s time that we should dare to bare our perfectly polished pins, and in order to achieve this look in super-quick time try our Tropical bergamot skin perfecting body scrub. With its deliciously uplifting fragrance, our new and improved body scrub contains, natural pumice, combined with sunflower seed oil, to gently exfoliate your skin to help reveal your natural beauty.
And while we’re on the subject of exfoliating, don’t forget to pay careful attention to your face, with our skin perfecting face polish; you can happily scrub away those winter month skin cells.

Did you know...?
18% are more likely to exfoliate during the summer compared to 20% of winter buffers

Serums come in to their own at this time of year. Not only can they help to boost collagen and elastin production and restore firmness to the skin, they accelerate cellular renewal which can brighten the skin and make it appear more luminous and smooth.

Our intensive smoothing serum should be applied twice daily and is the first product that should be applied to the skin after cleansing and toning. Your sunscreen should be applied over the serum in the morning and then your moisturiser should follow.

Did you know...?
6% of serum users use more facial serum during warmer months

So hop to it, banish those winter blues and shake up your beauty regime for scrumptious spring time skin. Right. I’m off to buy an ice cream....
Statistics gathered from

Celebrate the Lady in your Life

What with international woman’s day AND Mother’s Day this week, it really is the time to say ‘thank you’ to the special woman in your life this week, to appreciate her, and, of course, to spoil her rotten.
Whether she’s a young yummy mummy, or an older and wiser (and still yummy) mummy, we know how important it is to choose the right gift which shows your appreciation. Organic Surge has so much to choose from for that special woman.


The Yummy Mummy To Be

An incredible time to in any woman’s life, special attention is needed to nurture the remarkable human body as it goes through some extraordinary changes.
Million Dollar Anywhere Balm gives a super-surge of replenishing moisture and care, working wonders on hands and nails, heels, elbows, lips – wherever skin dryness or irritation strikes. Not only that, but Organic Surge will donate $1 for every Million Dollar product sold, which goes directly to the Kenya Children's Home Baby Care Unit and Orphanage, transforming the lives of vulnerable children in Africa.


Mother Nature

We asked some Organic Surge Mums what their favourite skincare products were, so we combined the results for the perfect gift. Sugared almond shower gel, sweet blossom body cream and lavender meadow hand and nail cream are the most popular for our lovely Organic Surge mums.

An Extra Special Grandparent

The Extra Care Golden Rules Bundle is the perfect introduction to our premium skincare regime, with an Organic content of up to 92% and packed with skin loving ingredients, it’s the perfect Timeless Skin Solution. 
No matter what your age or skin type getting the that glowing look really is as simple is 1-2-3, twice a day, every day. 
Bundle includes:
Golden Rule 1: Cleanse with Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser 150ml
Gently removes impurities so your skin can function healthily and look radiant.
Golden Rule 2: Restore with Intensive Smoothing Serum 30ml
Serum is the specialist of the skin care world, it provides comfort with a golden elixir of soothing aloe vera to plump and calm skin.
Golden Rule 3: Nourish with Nourishing Rose Day Cream 50ml
The most crucial step: Give your skin the daily armour it craves and hydrate, nourish and protect with this rich yet lightweight moisturiser.

Your favourite Organic Surge Products have had a Make-over!

At Organic Surge we continuously search for the most innovative advances in nature and science to bring you the very best formulas.


For example, we spent 2 years formulating the new Extra Care range, and we have ended up with some incredible products which are not only effective, but pleasurable to use.

But we couldn’t leave out the Daily Care range, with its army of loyal fans, not to mention celebrity support, so we’ve had a little make-over!

Our much-loved products have been spruced up so that the outside of our products match the glorious insides (not to mention the fact that they will look fabulous in your bathroom or handbag!)

And yes, each product is still Rich with Natural Promise, made in the UK, and the packaging is still 100% recyclable. Each of our expert formulations are designed to meet the unique needs of sensitive skin.

Organic Surge founder Alan MacKenzie explains: “I'm passionate about everything to do with Organic Surge, finding problem solution formulas that deliver real results and are a pleasure to use. This is a very exciting time for the team at Organic Surge as we're launching new stunning packaging with our promise to you. All our formulas are created to be Rich with Natural Promise.  We love hearing from you and read every comment and email carefully and this helps us direct our development. Thank you for all your support. Without you we would have no Organic Surge!”.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Calming Lavender Meadow Hand wash

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t LOVE this hand wash. Not only is it super soft and gentle (even for a chronic eczema sufferer like me) it smells of ACTUAL lavender, not that horrible artificial scent that you often get with synthetic lavender products. It is so gentle on your skin, but a highly effective hand wash, all without stripping your skin of its natural protective moisture.


Daily Care Refreshing Face Wash

This chic little bottle, whether it’s in the standard size or super cute mini version, is a beauty essential.

It  rinses away daily dirt and impurities, and remove make-up like a dream. The 100% natural lather and essential oils help to restore skin’s natural balance, and the smell is just heavenly.

We know that you have been a patient bunch whilst we do the grand reveal, and we cannot thank you enough for staying with us through the transition period. We think you will agree that it is worth the wait and it wont be long until you see all of our lovely new labels.

We hope you love the new products just as much as the Organic Surge team do, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


Say it with Roses

Do not underestimate the healing powers of nature, so while millions of women (and men) will be receiving a dozen or so red roses on Saturday, lovingly purchased from the garage up the road, why don’t you dig a little deeper in to the wonders of one of nature’s most beautiful creations:


This essential oil is extracted from the damask rose Rosa damascena of the Rosaceae family and is also known as Bulgarian and Turkish rose, and attar of rose. Damask rose oil is known for its ability to soothe and harmonise the mind. For your skin, it gently hydrates and moisturises it naturally, and can calm any redness or sensitivity.

It contains powerful anti-oxidants that repair and replenish damaged skin.

Try it in our Nourishing Rose Day Cream.


PALMAROSA Essential Oil

Extracted from the dried grass harvested before it flowers, palmarosa oil has a sweet floral aroma with a hint of rose

Aromatherapy uses: relieves stiff and sore muscles while calming the mind and uplifting and invigorating the spirits. Clears confusion, muddled thinking.

Skin benefits: balances skin hydration level and stimulates cell regeneration. Helps keep skin supple and elastic and is valuable for use with skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis.

Try it in our Lavender Meadow Hand Wash.



Extracted from the rose geranium plant, it has a sweet and rosy smell with a mint overtone

Aromatherapy uses: has a balancing effect on the nervous system and relieves stress and anxiety by lifting the spirits

Skin benefits: helps to balance the secretion of sebum and clears dull or sluggish skin. Its antiseptic properties make this oil an effective aid to help with skin irritation or problems.

Try it in our Ultra Light Oil control lotion.


Spread the love this Valentine’s Day, because we LOVE your skin.


Getting the most from your Skin Care with Extra Care

A vital element of using your Extra Care products successfully in the comfort of your own home is to use them correctly: when and how you’re meant to. This way you will maximise potential and get the best possible results. We aim to give you invaluable advice and tips on getting the most from your personal selection of the Extra Care range, on here and in weeks to come, depending on your skin’s needs.

The key to any good skincare routine is just that – making sure you stick to the routine. Don’t think of it as a chore, but as a little bit of luxury for yourself!

Your daily skincare ritual

Cleanse – It is essential to remove impurities and daily grime every morning and evening so your skin can function, be healthy and look radiant. Cleansing with the Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser will purify and brighten your complexion and remove even the most stubborn of makeup. You wouldn’t leave your house in dirty clothes, so why treat your skin any differently?

Serum – After cleansing, refresh and comfort skin with the Intensive Smoothing Serum. I think this has to be my favourite product in the Extra Care range. There’s something about it, as soon as you apply it instantly perks you up, and the rich formula melts in to your skin. It also has a 92% organic content, and not many products can claim that!

Treat – Now the skin is perfectly primed for a treat! For particularly tired and dry skin, just a few drops of the Replenishing facial oil rich – massaged gently into skin in the morning and evening – will help to rebalance your complexion as well as dramatically increase the effectiveness of your daily moisturiser. Warm a small amount in your hands before gently smoothing over your face and neck. It intensively replenishes skin overnight too for satin-soft skin in the morning. If you are a little nervous about using oil on your face, dilute it in to your moisturiser. It is a dreamy combination with the Rose Day Cream.

For super sensitive or inflamed skin, use Ultra Light oil control lotion to naturally restore balance to your skin’s oil production levels. This also makes an excellent base layer for foundation.

Nourish – Give your skin the daily protection it craves by lavishing it with the appropriate moisturiser. Extra Care’s rich creams and plant based products are the kindest moisturisers for even the most delicate of skin. The Rose Day Cream smells incredible, contains Palmarosa, geranium oils, and argan oils to infuse the skin with vital moisture for a luminous, supple complexion. For night  time protection apply Extra Care’s Radiance Recovery Night Cream. This is a thicker cream (you don’t have to worry about your makeup slipping off so night time is THE time to go big on moisturiser) which boasts powerful botanical extracts to provide your skin with hydration and protection.

You can also use specific treatment for your eyes if these are a particularly troublesome area for you. The Hydrating Eye Cream has a high organic content of 92% and gently rejuvenates and nourishes the delicate skin around the eye area. It is an enriched yet lightweight blend that plumps the fragile skin around your eye, and the results are just phenomenal.



Weekly wonders ritual

Just as you would clean your house, your face needs a good spring clean too! This is the time to exfoliate. Finely ground olive stone in the Skin Perfecting Face Polish gently removes dirt, impurities and dead cells to boost skin rejuvenation, and make your skin feel as good as new!

For a weekly deep cleanse, use a face mask. First Class Face Mask nourishes your skin and gives it a fabulous hydration boosts. But just make sure you use it in the privacy of your own bathroom – you don’t want to give your neighbours a fright!


Monthly radiance ritual

If you can, try and treat yourself to a Facial once a month. Not only will it make you feel relaxed, a professional will know how to assist you on your way to having clearer, brighter and healthier looking skin and a real spring in your step.

However, if you are watching the pennies then you don’t have to be a trained therapist to treat your skin to some gently stimulating massage at home. Using your fingertips, you can increase blood flow to your skin cells for that ‘glow’. It also helps to ensure your Extra Care serum is absorbed.


Ten New Year's Resolutions for Healthy Skin in 2015

One partied out Pooch

If, like me, you’ve felt like you’ve been dining at a medieval feast for the last week (turkey legs for lunch and dinner? Why not! Bailey’s for breakfast? Bring it on!) then you know what I mean when I say that my stomach, liver and head needs a bit of TLC after the crazy Christmas period. It’s so important to take good care of yourself after endless days of indulgence (which, by the way, you did deserve, so no need to feel guilty there, we all need a break after all), but don’t forget your skin needs just as much love as any other part of your body.

These are my top 10 tips to having a full skin detox so that you can begin 2015 with a healthy mind, body and soul. Not only that, but your skin will be glowing for your first day back at work, even though you may still feel like it’s the middle of the night, at least you will look the part.

  1. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

    You are what you eat, it’s no myth. And yes, with food a complete abundance this time of year it’s even harder to say no to a Quality Street, but just make sure that you balance it out with the healthy stuff too.After all, Fruit and vegetables provide your body with vital vitamins and minerals.Yes, have a roast potato or two, but accompany it with a big pile of peas and roasted root veg too. Or have some Stilton, but pile on the grapes with the crackers too. Simple!
    You’ll also have so much more energy if you load up on fruits and vegetables, which makes the thought of going back to work a little less daunting!


    1. Treat yourself to a facial

    Hopefully you’ve been given some vouchers or a little pocket money for Christmas, and what better way to spend it then on a little pampering for yourself. It’s the perfect way to revive your skin after all that partying, and the essential oils will rejuvenate your skin, senses and make you feel relaxed.

    1. Flush out your system with the right hot drinks

    Rather than relying on a strong cuppa or thick black coffee to wake you up in the morning, try an alternative hot drink instead, like a green tea, or even better, a hot water and lemon. It’ll still warm you through on these cold frosty mornings, and it will rouse you gently for the day, rather than giving you a roller-coaster ride of an energy burst that caffeine will.

    4.Get back to basics and moisturise

    A good moisturiser is nothing but vital for your skin, especially at this time of year, what with all the cold weather, parties and vast quantities of all the 'wrong' food and drink! By sticking to your skincare routine it really will do wonders for your skin, and keeping it hydrated will help keep it smooth and protected.

    It’s a good idea to take some time to discover the perfect moisturiser for you, so that you can match your skin type to your moisturiser. Find out yours here.

    1. Water water everywhere
      There is nothing more natural and better for you then a big glass of water, but just make sure that you keep hydrated on the inside as well as the outside. Sip water throughout the day (aim for about 8 glasses a day). If it helps, set an alarm on your every half an hour so to remind you to keep sipping the H2o.water alert!

    2. Use an eye cream 

      The perfect way to soothe tired, partied out eyes is with a hydrating eye cream. It gently rejuvenates and nourishes the delicate skin around the eye area, and is excellent as a moisturising treat for delicate and sensitive skin. 

    Packed with skin loving nutrients, the enriched yet lightweight blend of organic shea and cocoa butters, along with nourishing organic jojoba oil and natural antioxidant alfalfa extract all help to improve skin tone.

    Apply after cleansing with your ring finger (it's the weakest), working from your lower outer eye clockwise for your right eye and anti-clockwise for your left, to cause minimal drag.

    1. Opt for natural

      Organic Surge cares about your skin and helps you to look and feel your natural best everyday. Organic Surge feeds your skin what it craves; naturally-derived, skin-loving ingredients and pure essential oils. It contains no obscure or harsh chemicals for your precious skin to absorb. And the natural fragrances smell delicious! Read about Organic Surge's natural ingredients here.

    2. Try a facial oil – no matter what your skin type

      Leave behind any doubts about using an oil – take the plunge! Ideal for even oily skin, facial oils help to balance your skin, and Extra Care’s new replenishing facial oil is a luxurious yet lightweight oil, which instantly hydrates parched skin. Using an uplifting blend of essential oils including soothing argan oil and yarrow oil, it leaves the skin looking and feeling comfortable, soft and fresh.

    3. Exchange your bar of soap for a liquid cleanser

    Cleansing your skin with a bar of soap – no matter how expensive it is, just simply isn’t good for skin and will strip your skin of moisture. Unfortunately, because of the way it is made it inevitably contains alkalis, usually in the form of sodium, which is very disruptive to the upper layer of the skin. Your skin cells need to stay moist in order to be healthy; acne conditions and sensitive or dry skin suffer from lack of water, so make sure that you use the correct cleanser and lotion.

    10. Stick to your night time routine

    Research shows that the skin repairs itself most effectively at night, so don’t neglect your skin at it’s most important recovery time. If you feel too tired to wash off your make-up before bedtime, try Kiss and Make Up Wipes for a quick fix. Or, like me, cheat! Night time routines don’t have to be done just before you go to bed. I take my make up off when I get home from work or after I have put my baby to bed. Washing off the day’s daily grime will clean and fully rejuvenate your skin. Most importantly, a quality night moisturiser will not suffocate your skin.

    When you’ve started on your New Year skin detox, we'd love to hear how you're getting on, so let us know in the comments how it’s going for you, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our for skincare tips throughout the year.



    How to care for sensitive skin

    Sensitive skin is a tricky little blighter to deal with and as the word ‘sensitive’ suggests, it needs to be handled with care - so don’t go upsetting it! Whether your skin sensitivity shows itself through redness, dryness, itchiness, tightness, soreness or a combination of factors, sensitive skin is easily irritated so it is important to adopt a skincare routine that keeps your skin calm, soothed and comfortable.

    Here are our top tips for caring for sensitive skin:

    Less is more – don’t overload your sensitive skin with products, ingredients and treatments.

    Stick with what works – if your skin loves it, keep using it! Don’t get tempted to keep chopping and changing the products you use just because you’ve received a new sample/read about the latest ‘miracle’ cream/your friend swears by it.

    Patch test - If you do try out a new beauty product, always do a patch test first to ensure it doesn’t cause a reaction to your sensitive skin.

    Skincare routine - Opt for creamy cleansers (the Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion is ideal) rather than foaming cleansers, which could dry your skin out further. Moisturising is essential – the more hydrated your skin is the more comfortable it will be, so make sure you moisturise every morning and night without fail. Treat your skin to a weekly nourishing face mask. A customer review of the Organic Surge First Class Face Mask said: “I have extremely sensitive skin and have never been able to find a product that works as well as this mask does”, so why not give it a try?

    Choose natural - Natural ingredients are kind to the skin and some synthetic ingredients commonly found in skincare are known skin irritants, so why risk it? Sensitive skin particularly loves natural ingredients such as chamomile to comfort and sooth, vitamin E to help reduce inflammation and irritation and green tea to reduce inflammation and act as natural skin healing agent, so look out for these when choosing your skincare products.

    Treat your skin with care! When applying your products don’t rub your skin too firmly and try not to touch your skin at all when it isn’t necessary, to minimise irritation.

    All Organic Surge facial skincare products have been clinically and dermatologically tested and are suitable for sensitive skin – check out the full line up at