Caring for your skin during the cold season

As the outdoor temperature drops and we reach for that extra blanket, crank up the central heating and snuggle up to a hot water bottle, it comes as no surprise that the cold weather can really take its toll on your skin, leaving it dry and gasping for moisture. If you suffer from problematic skin during the chilly seasons, then adjust your beauty routine in a very simple way: make it richer and more protective. What your skin needs in the warmer months to be radiant and evenly toned varies to what it desires in the colder seasons. For a start, it’s a good idea to go for slightly richer creams in winter and reapply frequently to keep chapped skin at bay. This will provide nourishment and protection. But which are the best ingredients to use?


Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a vegetal butter extracted from the seeds of the Shea tree. It is extremely rich in moisturising, nourishing and protecting components, as well as vitamins. It is a perfect natural recipe for dry and sensitive skin, and it is perfectly tailored for winter skin care.

Our natural brightening hot cloth cleanser is enriched with shea butter, and gently removes dirt and impurities, harnessing the highest quality essential oils and moisturisers to care and clean to fully rejuvenate skin.

Massaged over dry skin, it will loosen and dissolve everyday grime, which is then wiped away with a cloth and hot water. The massaging action will stimulate blood flow in the skin, giving a natural glow to the complexion, enhanced by the gentle exfoliation from use of a cloth in the cleansing regime. Perfect to fend off Jack Frost!


Argan Oil

Historically, Argan oil has been known for centuries for its protective properties, and it is the perfect gift from Mother Nature to sort out your winter skin care. It hydrates and nourishes skin, protects it from damage by free radical, as well as increasing skin elasticity. This ingredient really does wonders to bring radiance and vitality back to dull, damaged and dry skin.

Our new Extra Care range has many products which contain Argan oil, but I really recommend the Replenishing Facial Oil for that incredible moisture boost. It is a luxurious yet lightweight oil, which instantly hydrates parched skin. Using an uplifting blend of essential oils including argan oil and yarrow oil, it leaves the skin looking and feeling comfortable, soft and fresh. You can even mix a couple of drops with your day or night cream for added nourishment. 

Kernal Oil

This is a deeply nourishing, hydrating and protecting oil. It is also tones, hydrates, revitalises, soothes and softens; yet it has a uniquely light and natural feeling on the skin. It's the ideal companion for the winter months and will alleviate tired, dull, and, sensitive and devitalised skin. Packed with skin loving nutrients, the Extra Care Nourishing Rose Day Cream is a luxurious moisturiser which provides instant hydration to skin that needs it most. As well as kernel oil, it contains Argan oil (see above) which is renowned for helping to protect skin from damage by free radicals; damask rose oil to calm redness, and palmarosa and geranium oils to infuse the skin with vital moisture. It will give your skin a luminous and supple complexion. The consistency of the cream is perfect for allowing good absorption into the skin, an excellent base for makeup and will leave your skin feeling hydrated all day.

During the cold seasons your skin will thrive if you introduce different natural ingredients in to your skin care regime. Each botanical brings a different balance of vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other ingredients. You can alternate Shea butter with Kernel oil and Argan oil, depending on the day, the weather and how your skin feels. Don't let your skin down during this winter, wrap it up warm!

Be Good to Yourself

Beautiful skin is important to most people, man or woman, old or young, you cannot escape the fact that unhealthy skin is hard to hide. Sure, you can temporarily mask it with a multitude of products, but what happens when the foundation is wiped away?  Of course the fundamental aspect for good skin is about choosing the right product, but there is more to it than that. It’s a lifestyle, a way of life – your choice.

Like most people, my skin became troubled in my early teens. Yes I struggled with the usual spots and blemishes – fortunately I managed to escape the wretched acne - but I also suffered from eczema, something that completely rocked my 14 year old world. Eczema is something you grow out of, not IN to! But apparently not me. I still can’t put my finger on what triggered it, a change in washing detergent perhaps? Hormones? New foods? Who knows, but I have a distinct and horrible memory of spending one Christmas evening with my arms dipped in a sink of ice cold water in an attempt to numb the insane and frantic desire to itch and scratch off seven layers of skin. It took about a decade for it to dawn on me that, no matter how many dermatology appointments and allergy tests you endure, the quest for beautiful skin isn’t as simple as a magical overnight cure. It is about mending a number of different things in my life: diet, stress, sleep, and most importantly, looking after myself properly. What I have discovered that if there is an imbalance in any of these things (and I know it may not be completely universal), my skin really pays the price.

Choose to incorporate them into your daily rituals I multitask in the shower and cleanse both my face and body. I like to use Organic Surge’s Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser for my face – it gently removes dirt and impurities, harnessing the highest quality essential oils and moisturisers to care and clean and fully rejuvenate my sensitive skin.
You may groan at these suggestions, and quite frankly who has time to look after themselves properly these days, when there are so many shortcuts in life available to us. I literally have to swipe my phone, tap a couple of buttons and I could have a pizza at my door in minutes. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s perfect when I am time poor. But looking after myself is different to treating myself. Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party for you special friends, or your precious family. Would you order them a takeaway? Or would you spend that little bit of extra time, and that little extra money on them? Would you do everything in your power to give your friends, your family, the best nutrition, the most attentive support to them to create a memorable occasion? Of course you would, so why would you not treat yourself like this? I’m not talking about being self indulgent (although who could resist a facial?) It’s the simple things, and getting the perfect balance of self-discipline and kindness. Self-discipline to eat nutritious foods, taking time to get the correct amount of sleep, and to put things in to perspective so that you’re not eaten away by stress or worry. It also means feeding your skin correctly, after all, the skin is your largest organ, and its purpose is plentiful, including protecting the body against excessive water loss, which is one of the reasons why it’s important to keep your skin well hydrated. It can be as simple as using skin and body care products that contain certified organic ingredients.

I then apply a small amount of Citrus Mint shower gel to a sponge and cleanse all over. It has a deliciously invigorating natural fragrance with a blend of purifying and stimulating organic essential oils and natural moisturisers. Much better than coffee! Plus the aloe vera works to soothe any skin irritation or blemishes

Once I am out of the shower – glass of hot water and lemon in hand - I towel dry and take a minute to apply Tropical Bergamot Body Lotion, a super-hydrating and quickly absorbed moisteriser to protect my skin from dryness and irritation. Skin-conditioning shea butter and glycerine leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s enriched with organic sweet orange and bergamot essential oils, which eliminate toxins and help to de-stress, and if I’m in a rush, which let’s face it, I always am,  this lotion has such an amazing natural scent that you don’t need to apply fragrance. I love it!

I then apply Blissful Daily Moisturiser to my face and neck. It has a lightweight texture, so doesn’t make my make-up slide off,  it has a perfect blend of natural hydrators, antioxidants and essential oils to balance oily and dry skin zones and maintain a healthy, smooth complexion. Then I’m ready to face the day!

Ultimately, looking after yourself is a daily practice and one that should not be ignored, even in this day and age where we strive to excel at home, work and play. The more I corrected my lifestyle choices, which did mean re-organising the way I cared for myself and my body, the more I began to see the results. It took a few weeks but I can still remember the first time I went away for the weekend where I didn’t have to worry about packing my steroid creams and oversized dark sunnies in case of eczema break out. Now I can wash my face and my skin feels smooth and soft on my fingertips, no stinging or angry red, raw wounds, and that, for me, is simply amazing.


Saving your Skin during Festival Season

We are in the midst of festival season, and whether you’re in the mud pit or mosh pit, you’ll easily have time to keep that fresh-faced look (even without showering for three days) with the Organic Surge range, and because we have a super cute ‘minis’ range, you don’t have to lug around bottles of the stuff, which means extra room in your backpack to stuff in some more Home Brew – hurrah!


Kiss and Make-up Wipes

Not only are they hugely convenient, they will clean you up in no time, so you won’t have to get festival paint and glitter all over your favourite sleeping bag. They effectively sweep away make-up, dirt and impurities and rehydrate your skin, leaving it feeling clean and bright. Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive. Plus, they are completely bio-degradable and compostable, so won’t clog up the portaloo (if they’re not already blocked…). 


Skin Perfecting Face Polish

The chances are that you’ll probably be unable to give your face a good deep clean whilst crouching down in a tent with a bottle of dubious water and a ball cotton wool, so using an exfoliator will help to get rid of all the dead skin cells (not to mention mud) to make you feel clean and refreshed. The finely ground olive stone gently removes dirt, impurities and dead cells to boost skin rejuvenation, while the Rosemary and lemon essential oils purify the skin and make it smell divine. The chamomile and ginkgo biloba soothes while the almond oil rehydrates your skin, not to mention giving you a radiant complexion to disguise the three day hangover.


Million Dollar Anywhere Balm

This versatile little pot gives a super-surge of replenishing moisture and care to, well, anywhere really! Blending intense natural hydrators, super-charged organic essential oils and cocoa and shea butters it’s the ultimate multi-tasker, working wonders on hands and nails, heels, elbows, lips – wherever skin dryness or irritation strikes when you are out and about – or in the middle of a field. If that doesn’t convince you, than Organic Surge will donate $1 for every Million Dollar product sold!


Blissful Daily Moisturiser

With its quickly-absorbed, lightweight texture Blissful Daily Moisturiser blends natural hydrators, antioxidants and essential oils to balance oily and dry skin zones and maintain a healthy, smooth complexion. Most importantly it hydrates the skin so can help fend off dull skin from excessive drinking and late nights.


Lavender Hand and Nail Cream

This intensive moisturiser is quickly-absorbed to provide comfort and hydration. Enriched with organic lavender and geranium essential oils, and moisturising vitamin E, shea butter and cocoa butter, our hand cream works to prevent moisture loss leaving hands comforted and softened, and ready to party all night long.


Days spent out in the elements enjoying live music, celebrating and generally not sleeping can take their toll on your skin, but with the mini range from Organic Surge you can still make sure that your skin receives its well deserved TLC, from morning through to night, in just a few simple steps.

Introducing our NEW Gardeners Range.

Inspired by the beauty of British gardens, the gardeners range was developed with a passion in the UK and delivers high-performance formulas that are kind to your skin (like all our products) as well as to our environment.



When nurturing plants to make them beautiful, it's often easy to forget to give the same TLC to your hands.. we have made it easy with our two brand new luscious products. The range was launched at the Chelsea Flower Show this week and is now available for all to buy through our website. We will also be at the Gardening Scotland Show (30th May- 1st June) so be sure to come and say hello to us!


The range includes a Gardeners Hand Cream enriched with aromatic lime, basil and rosemary essential oils (a treat for your nose as well as your hands!) The cream is a fast working cream for hard working hands. The quick drying formula makes it suitable for use with or without gloves. It works to protect skin from dehydration and damage, whilst extracts from marine algae soothe skin redness whilst nut butters and seed oils work to resist ingrained dirt.


The next product uses the same fragrances but instead within a Hand Scrub, so you can effectively but gently clean and soften those hard working hands. Enriched with a special blend of skin calming plant extracts, and with moisturising shea butter, this scrub will leave your hands feeling cleaner and softer than before. 


Both products are of corse certified natural and organic, not tested on animals, and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians! If that all doesn't sound good enough for you, you can also buy our range in bundles, a great way to save money whilst stocking up or why not even treat your friends to your new found love for the Gardeners Range?


Visit our website to find out even more about this new wonderful range!

Why use natural ingredients in skincare?

Organic Surge has always championed natural skincare, but do you know just how powerful nature’s own ingredients are? Nature provides us with an amazing abundance of plants, fruits and minerals that not only often look beautiful and taste delicious, but many have incredible beauty benefits, too.

Used by our ancestors since ancient times, natural ingredients enhance the functioning of the skin and hair, working with the body’s natural processes to optimise its appearance and providing powerful healing properties for health and vitality.

It’s our belief that since we all have the choice between using natural ingredients and synthetic ingredients in our beauty products, why wouldn’t we choose natural? After all, if our bodies are capable of absorbing what we put onto it, we want to make sure we’re not needlessly applying harmful chemicals onto our skin.

Natural Ingredients

All hail essential oils

Don’t underestimate the power of essential oils; as well as providing fantastic beauty benefits, they can also have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. This is why essential oils are used extensively in Organic Surge products – not only do they make them smell great but they also take the performance of our products to the next level.

Essential oils are natural oils that have been extracted from plants, flowers and other natural sources, which are highly concentrated and therefore very potent. Used for thousands of years, essential oils work to nourish, protect and heal the skin, while health benefits include relief of muscular pains, congestion and improved circulation. Furthermore, the scents have a powerful effect on the mind to totally transform your mood. Told you they were special!

All products on the Organic Surge website have details of their natural active ingredients – why not check out your favourite products and see what essential oils are working hard for you?