Coco Chic reveals her miracle beauty ingredient

This month’s guest contributor for Organic Surge is beauty blogger Stephanie from Coco Chic, who reveals her miracle beauty ingredient and its multi-purpose uses. 

“I always seem to be busy, so I like to keep my beauty regime as simple and as stripped back as possible to help give me some more time in the sack (because let’s face it - those extra five minutes really do make a difference). So for me, multi-purpose products are practically a must.

“I’ve always loved to keep my beauty products as natural as possible (my own wrinkle-free Grandmother used only cold water throughout her entire life) so I decided to turn to my kitchen cupboards for inspiration. I thought it best to leave the brown sauce and baked beans where they were and instead took out the untouched coconut oil that I had stashed away for one of those impromptu detox days.

“After hearing that Miranda Kerr herself swears by the stuff, I decided to give it a try. I did away with all of my beauty products for a week and instead forced myself to use only coconut oil on my hair, skin and body as a sort of moisturiser.

“Within days I noticed a serious improvement in the appearance of my skin. I was an instant convert. Before I knew it I was using it for absolutely anything - cleansing balms, makeup removers, lip balm - the possibilities were literally endless. But the best part? Even after weeks of coating myself in the oil I still had over half a tub left.

“More recently I’ve started experimenting with other store-bought products that contain pure coconut oil (once a beauty addict, always a beauty addict), with one of my favourites being the Organic Surge 2-Minute Moisture Mask that softens my hair no end. And with it taking just two minutes to work its magic, I might even be able to squeeze an extra ten minutes in bed.”