Organic Surge on TV!

Tomorrow night we will be featuring on the Ideal World Shopping channel. Not only do you get to meet the Founder of Organic Surge, Alan MacKenzie, but he will be presenting the brand alongside presenter and good friend of his and Organic Surge super-fan, Anthea Turner!


Alan will talk through his inspiration behind Organic Surge and how he came about building up this wonderful brand and the teams dedication to creating products that are formulated to be gentle on your skin.


The program will be on for an hour tomorrow night at 10pm and you'll get the chance to learn about some wonderful Organic Surge products with exclusive bundles for viewers that aren't available on the website. Catch it on Sky channel 644, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Free Sat 812.


Love the idea of our brand but not got round to creating your wish list yet? This is a great opportunity to take a look at our products up close and personal and decide what's best for you!

Meet The Team - Alex!

This week meet our Brand and Communications Manager Alex.. (and her lovely son and puppy pictured below.. swoon!)


What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

I am the Brand and communications manager. It’s my job to ensure the brand looks great, sounds great and fulfills it’s fantastic potential! Our proposition is affordable organics using the highest quality ingredients to offer a natural solution.

What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

I have a 15 month old son, so keeping him entertained and out of mischief is my number one interest! Film, theatre, shoe shopping and seeing my friends are my top hobbies, and I also love to go on walks with the spaniel and baby through the parks of London. Occasionally I practice yoga. To relax, I love a long hot bath with Spiced Lily Foaming Bath… my ultimate favourite product, with a face mask, hair mask and a glass of ice cold Prosecco!

What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

Spiced Lily Foaming Bath – The ultimate bath treat with an unusual, sensual smell that leaves my skin lovely and soft.
First Class Face Mask – To compliment that soak!
Hot Cloth Cleanser – I’m a virgo, so I love a ritual and this rich balm leaves my skin feeling great.

What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?

I have been here for just three months, my highlight has been working with a great team that are so driven and passionate about the products here at Organic Surge! X


Come and see us again on our blog next week to discover another member of our wonderful team :)

Meet The Team - Laura!

This week it's time to introduce you a relatively new member of the team... Laura!


What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?


Hey everyone! I'm the Social Media Manager here at Organic Surge, so I look after all our great social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (hint hint, nudge nudge). It's always great hearing what you guys think about the brand and I get to do that and interact with all of our fans which I love!I have also recently began interacting with international beauty bloggers and look forward to working closely with them in the future.



We are currently doing a Twitter competition whereby you and a friend can win a Daily Skin Care Regime Bundle each by simply uploading a photo of you and your best friend with the tags @organicsurge and #skinsbestfriend.


What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?


One of my main interests is social media.. I love being able to instantly connect with friends and share the days thoughts. I must also admit I am a slight Instagram addict! I also love beauty, constantly playing with new makeup and creating new looks on myself and friends is what I enjoy spending my spare time doing, got to love a good bit of nail art too. One last interest would be TV & movies.. documentaries in particular (Louis Theroux is my hero!)


What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?


Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser - I think I'd have to agree with many others with this being my favourite product. The feel of it on your skin is so silky smooth and it leaves my face feeling rejuvinated, fresh and gives it a natural glow.


Fresh Ocean Light Body Lotion - This product is my staple body moisturiser. It glides on to the skin and smells lovely. I have naturally dry skin and since using this my skin has never felt so hydrated due to it's natural glycerine ingredient.


First Class Mask - I love a face mask anyway (nothing better than a pamper night in with friends to prepare for the weekend). This mask leaves my skin revitalised with a perfect clear complexion and a great base to begin my makeup with.


What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?


One of my highlights has been meeting members of the Organic Surge team (I only started a few months ago). I used to work for British Beauty Brand Illamasqua with Alex Cummins (the now Brand Manager at Organic Surge) so it's amazing to be able to work with such a great friend as we have both moved on to this wonderful company. In the past week I ran a #7daygiveaway competition on Facebook and the entries including inspirational quotes and photo's of what makes our fans happy were amazing so this has to be another highlight.. Thanks to everyone who entered, you made my day!


I'd just like to thank anyone and everyone that is a fan of Organic Surge and follows us throughout our social networks. Stay in tune with us for many more competitions, news and beauty tips and don't forget to visit the blog for some great posts and to meet next weeks member of the team! (Links to follow us are at the top of this page on the right)



Brands With a Conscience

Every single Organic Surge product sold contributes to our efforts to support Africa’s most vulnerable children. Integral to the Organic Surge brand are our ethical ambitions. Our ultimate aim is to develop a highly successful brand which helps in our efforts to release children from poverty, enabling them to live enriched, meaningful lives. We take an unusually hands-on approach to charity work and have been known to send one of our team into a troubled area to give help directly at source, especially where vulnerable children are involved. Here is the Organic Surge founder, Alan, with some of the children at the school in Africa.

Organic Surge has been proud sponsors of the Baby Care Unit in Kenya Children's Home, Nairobi since 2009. The Baby Care Unit cares for 48 sick or abandoned children, from newborns to 2 year olds and Organic Surge contributed to costs for nursing care, food and staff.


We are proud that every product sold from our collection helps to create financial and emotional opportunities for some of the most neglected people in our world. We believe brands should be doing their bit to support others and here are just few brands we think are doing a fantastic job!


Out of Print Clothing: This online fashion boutique features iconic book covers on clothing, accessories and stationary, perfect for all you bookworms! Out of Print Clothing know that many parts of the world don't have access to books so they decided, for each product sold, a book is donated to a community in need through our partner Books For Africa.


Lush: Lush help give something back to grassroots groups around the world that need help to make a difference. They help raise money for vital and important grassroots campaigns and charities from those purchasing their Charity Pot. Globally, the Charity Pot is now sold in 24 countries - all given away to frontline campaigns for animals, human rights and the environment.


Garden Organic: Garden Organic is the UK's leading organic growing charity. Dedicated to promoting organic gardening in homes communities and schools. Their vision is of a healthy sustainable world that has embraced organic growing. Click here to read more about what Garden Organic does and how you can help support them!


The Co-Operative: The Co-operative are out-performing their targets to being a socially responsible business. They have an ethical plan in place in which they support local communities, help to protect the environment, tackle poverty and help to inspire young people to become green pioneers. Click here to find out about the great amount they do! You can find your favourite multi-award winning skin, hair and body care brand Organic Surge here, too!



Do you have any favourite brands that help charities close to your heart?


Click the link to find out more about the charity we support:

Meet The Team - Katie!

May has finally arrived, hurray! Another week and another member of our lovely team to introduce you to!

What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

Hi there, I’m the marketing manager for Organic Surge, so I look after everything from the e-commerce platform on which our website runs, to all the communications and promotions both on site and through our newsletter.

We recently relaunched the website and now have a faster, mobile and tablet enabled, and overall much easier to use website. Plus we’ve also been able to launch a loyalty scheme, wishlist function, and currently we have a number of great bundles of products with 10% OFF for loyal customers!

What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

Since joining Organic Surge I’ve become a lot more interested in my health and what goes into our everyday products. I seem to spend a lot of time planning nutritious but delicious meals (takes forever to read the ingredients on everything), trying out new health kicks like buggyfit (willing to try anything to loose the baby weight), and looking for ways to stay stress-free and relaxed (yoga does seem to help, when I can make it to the class). I also enjoy catching up with friends and seeing the latest movie releases.

What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

First Class Face Mask – The best pick me up when my skin is worn out, dehydrated and sleep-deprived; as it can also be used everyday!
Moisture Boost Shampoo – One of the first products I ever tried.. I still love the scent and it really does leave my hair looking glossy and full of body
Lavender Meadow Foaming Bath – The perfect way to unwind after a hard day, light a couple of candles and soak in the tub for as long as possible

What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?

There have been a number of highlights since I joined Organic Surge, so it’s difficult to choose one.

I love that Organic Surge is a brand with a conscience and that we give something back. We continue to support Kenya Children’s Home and a couple of year’s ago launched the million dollar pledge with the aim of raising $1 Million from sales.

I also love that we are able to listen to our customers and make changes based on their suggestions, for example a few customers requested products for more mature skin, so we launched the extra care range to help your skin stay timeless, starting with the Hot Cloth Cleanser,  and there are more products to be announced later this year.

Overall it’s a challenge to work in the skincare industry, and I hope with the support of our loyal customers we are able to grow into a household brand, as more people become aware of the benefits of buying natural and organic products for everyday use.


Tune in again next week to meet team member number four!

Meet The Team - Jenni!

This week we introduce you to the wonderful Jenni! She looks after our UK bloggers so many of you may already know her. Over to you Jenni...

What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

I manage the blog PR relations for Organic Surge, collaborating with the UK’s top beauty bloggers and sending them Organic Surge products for them to trial and review on their blogs. If the bloggers love our products enough to make the cut then they’ll tell their readers about their experience and help to spread the word about Organic Surge.

We are very lucky that bloggers love Organic Surge products and we get a huge amount of great reviews every month – the support from top beauty bloggers is huge and it is something we are very grateful for.

Recent highlights for the new Organic Surge Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser include iconic make-up artist Lisa Eldridge giving it the coveted #LisaLoves and describing it as “gentle, effective makeup removal & skin cleansing” and top beauty blogger Make Up Savvy describing it as “a mild feeling cleanser that is a joy to use to fully remove even the most stubborn of make-up”.


What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

My perfect evening is spent with my husband, good friends, good food and a glass of wine. Life is about simple pleasures and it doesn’t get better than that.

I love pilates and every Friday evening I finish work and head to the pilates studio - it helps to define the end of my working week and the beginning of the weekend. Pilates is a great way to calm the mind and strengthen the body and I always leave the class feeling great.

I have a geek-like obsession with nutrition and can pore over nutrition books for hours (like I say, pure geek!). I have changed my diet drastically over the past few years (which my health and skin have loved me for). My top tips for good health and great skin from the inside out are to eat/cook fresh (not processed food) wherever possible, eat a variety of whole foods for maximum nutrients and keep naughty treats to a minimum – but don’t deny yourself altogether. After all, life’s too short and no-one ever got fat from eating one naughty meal, just as no-one ever got skinny from eating one healthy meal.


What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Mask – the most incredible hair conditioner I have ever come across. It leaves my hair beautifully soft and manageable in moments.

Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel – the invigorating scent really wakes me up in the morning and I love that it doesn’t contain SLS and yet still foams beautifully. My husband loves it too, which is always a bonus!

Organic Surge Spiced Lily Foaming Bath – the rich, decadent scent is pure heaven and it bubbles up no end – again, without the use of SLS. It is such a treat at the end of a long day.


What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?

Watching Organic Surge grow from being a relatively unknown brand across beauty blogs to becoming a favourite among many top beauty bloggers. I regularly see comments like: “Organic Surge is one of my favourite brands – there isn’t one product I haven’t loved” – it’s great to know we’re doing something right! The support of bloggers has shown that natural and organic products can be both high-performing and affordable – a message I am passionate about promoting.


Head back to our blog next week as we unveil another member of the Organic Surge team!

Meet The Team - Alan!

Want to meet the key people behind the award-winning skin, body and haircare brand Organic Surge? What better way to find out than meeting each member of the team. Each week we will be bringing you a new team member, giving you lucky people the chance to get to know us and what we do… so, where else to start than with the founder of Organic Surge, Alan MacKenzie!



What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

Hi! I'm Alan MacKenzie , founder of Organic Surge and it's my great pleasure to present Organic Surge to you. I suffered from skin sensitivity for many years, and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t buy a natural skincare range anywhere – and at what I thought was an affordable price – so I decided to create my own; Organic Surge, a range of products bursting with skin-loving, naturally-derived ingredients and certified organic essential oils. And at a great price! Our team at Organic Surge has developed our products with you in mind and we want you and your skin to have a really great time, so that you Live Life Better. I oversee all of the team and the workings of the business from initial NPD through the marketing mix and finally in to stores.


What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

I enjoy keeping fit, spending time with my family and friends, love traveling and exploring new countries! I like to read, play tennis and love hikes in the country. I really enjoy helping my people to achieve their goals!


What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

Hot Cloth Cleanser - As it has taken us two years to make this. Which is for me the perfect product in every way.. It’s effective, great to use and every day my skin feels better.

Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser - Because it acts like a dream on my skin.

Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel - It makes my skin feel refreshed and revived after using it and it never feels dry or itchy.. I couldn’t live without it.


What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?
My main highlight is being proud of the products we offer to you. We take our obligation to look after our environment and each other very seriously. All of our products are made in the UK and go through sensitive skin testing throughout development and we give in a big way to our chosen charity, the Kenya Children’s Home.


You can buy our products safe in the knowledge that you are not harming animals, the environment or yourself. Enjoy!



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