5 Night time Skin Care Tips for You by Ashley Parker

It’s no secret that night time skin care routines can make or break a person’s skin care routine.  Doing the right things before going to bed can either step up or decrease our skin care game.  Not only can we add new things to our routine, but often it is about refining what we are already doing.  In addition, being aware of those things that can step up our skin care game, and having it fit into our unique schedules.   So, what are night time skin care tips that can help improve our skin care?  That is why we created this list of night time skin care tips.

  1. Wash your face sooner than later. We all have our cut off time at night where we feel like we hit a brick wall of tiredness and the easy things such as washing our face, brushing teeth, etc. becomes more difficult.  Make a mental note to wash your face before the tiredness hits.  Sleep is when our body recovers, removing makeup and the daily buildup on the face will help prolong the repair process at night.
  2. Wash your pillowcase frequently. Why change a pillowcase frequently? Every day we touch different things that have bacteria and germs.  This then gets transferred to our face when we touch it.  In addition, any oils or dirt on the face gets transferred to the pillow when sleeping.  It is most important for people with acne prone skin to always have a fresh pillow to reduce irritation. 
  3. Use warm water when washing face. Despite what you may have heard, hot water can remove essential oils from the skin and cause dehydration and irritation to the skin.  Using warm water can reduce the chances of irritation.  Find the medium balance between cold and hot water when washing your face.
  4. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, prevent breakouts, smooths skin texture, and even clear pores. Exfoliation is one of the most important aspects of a skin care routine, fortunately it can be done from home.  It is a vital tool for people with blemishes as it helps kill bacteria and can help prevent breakouts.
    Some additional benefits of exfoliation include helping clear clogged pores.  If you suffer from clogged pores, exfoliation helps prevent congested pores.  Most common areas of irritation are the chin, nose and forehead. 
  1. Use a soft cloth when cleaning face. Whether you are using a cloth or facial cleanser device, ensure it is soft and non abrasive.  Abrasive facial tools or cloths can leave scratches on the face unseen to the eye.  This can lead to further irritation of the skin.  Know your skin type.  If your skin is sensitive, using the softest cloth may be the best fit for you. Use a serum to help combat damage to skin.

    Moisturize. Sometimes people avoid using a moisturizer at night.  Using a moisturizer at night can help keep the skin hydrated and prevent dry skin build up on the face.  At night, the skin is most permeable.  This allows for maximum absorption of active ingredients for the skin.  After showering or washing your face, you want to lock in the moisture.  Use skincare that might include a moisturizer to do this. Don’t forget about your neck when moisturizing! 


Meet The Team - Alex!

This week meet our Brand and Communications Manager Alex.. (and her lovely son and puppy pictured below.. swoon!)


What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

I am the Brand and communications manager. It’s my job to ensure the brand looks great, sounds great and fulfills it’s fantastic potential! Our proposition is affordable organics using the highest quality ingredients to offer a natural solution.

What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

I have a 15 month old son, so keeping him entertained and out of mischief is my number one interest! Film, theatre, shoe shopping and seeing my friends are my top hobbies, and I also love to go on walks with the spaniel and baby through the parks of London. Occasionally I practice yoga. To relax, I love a long hot bath with Spiced Lily Foaming Bath… my ultimate favourite product, with a face mask, hair mask and a glass of ice cold Prosecco!

What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

Spiced Lily Foaming Bath – The ultimate bath treat with an unusual, sensual smell that leaves my skin lovely and soft.
First Class Face Mask – To compliment that soak!
Hot Cloth Cleanser – I’m a virgo, so I love a ritual and this rich balm leaves my skin feeling great.

What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?

I have been here for just three months, my highlight has been working with a great team that are so driven and passionate about the products here at Organic Surge! X


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Meet The Team - Jenni!

This week we introduce you to the wonderful Jenni! She looks after our UK bloggers so many of you may already know her. Over to you Jenni...

What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

I manage the blog PR relations for Organic Surge, collaborating with the UK’s top beauty bloggers and sending them Organic Surge products for them to trial and review on their blogs. If the bloggers love our products enough to make the cut then they’ll tell their readers about their experience and help to spread the word about Organic Surge.

We are very lucky that bloggers love Organic Surge products and we get a huge amount of great reviews every month – the support from top beauty bloggers is huge and it is something we are very grateful for.

Recent highlights for the new Organic Surge Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser include iconic make-up artist Lisa Eldridge giving it the coveted #LisaLoves and describing it as “gentle, effective makeup removal & skin cleansing” and top beauty blogger Make Up Savvy describing it as “a mild feeling cleanser that is a joy to use to fully remove even the most stubborn of make-up”.


What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

My perfect evening is spent with my husband, good friends, good food and a glass of wine. Life is about simple pleasures and it doesn’t get better than that.

I love pilates and every Friday evening I finish work and head to the pilates studio - it helps to define the end of my working week and the beginning of the weekend. Pilates is a great way to calm the mind and strengthen the body and I always leave the class feeling great.

I have a geek-like obsession with nutrition and can pore over nutrition books for hours (like I say, pure geek!). I have changed my diet drastically over the past few years (which my health and skin have loved me for). My top tips for good health and great skin from the inside out are to eat/cook fresh (not processed food) wherever possible, eat a variety of whole foods for maximum nutrients and keep naughty treats to a minimum – but don’t deny yourself altogether. After all, life’s too short and no-one ever got fat from eating one naughty meal, just as no-one ever got skinny from eating one healthy meal.


What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Mask – the most incredible hair conditioner I have ever come across. It leaves my hair beautifully soft and manageable in moments.

Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel – the invigorating scent really wakes me up in the morning and I love that it doesn’t contain SLS and yet still foams beautifully. My husband loves it too, which is always a bonus!

Organic Surge Spiced Lily Foaming Bath – the rich, decadent scent is pure heaven and it bubbles up no end – again, without the use of SLS. It is such a treat at the end of a long day.


What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?

Watching Organic Surge grow from being a relatively unknown brand across beauty blogs to becoming a favourite among many top beauty bloggers. I regularly see comments like: “Organic Surge is one of my favourite brands – there isn’t one product I haven’t loved” – it’s great to know we’re doing something right! The support of bloggers has shown that natural and organic products can be both high-performing and affordable – a message I am passionate about promoting.


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Meet The Team - Alan!

Want to meet the key people behind the award-winning skin, body and haircare brand Organic Surge? What better way to find out than meeting each member of the team. Each week we will be bringing you a new team member, giving you lucky people the chance to get to know us and what we do… so, where else to start than with the founder of Organic Surge, Alan MacKenzie!



What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

Hi! I'm Alan MacKenzie , founder of Organic Surge and it's my great pleasure to present Organic Surge to you. I suffered from skin sensitivity for many years, and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t buy a natural skincare range anywhere – and at what I thought was an affordable price – so I decided to create my own; Organic Surge, a range of products bursting with skin-loving, naturally-derived ingredients and certified organic essential oils. And at a great price! Our team at Organic Surge has developed our products with you in mind and we want you and your skin to have a really great time, so that you Live Life Better. I oversee all of the team and the workings of the business from initial NPD through the marketing mix and finally in to stores.


What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

I enjoy keeping fit, spending time with my family and friends, love traveling and exploring new countries! I like to read, play tennis and love hikes in the country. I really enjoy helping my people to achieve their goals!


What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

Hot Cloth Cleanser - As it has taken us two years to make this. Which is for me the perfect product in every way.. It’s effective, great to use and every day my skin feels better.

Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser - Because it acts like a dream on my skin.

Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel - It makes my skin feel refreshed and revived after using it and it never feels dry or itchy.. I couldn’t live without it.


What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?
My main highlight is being proud of the products we offer to you. We take our obligation to look after our environment and each other very seriously. All of our products are made in the UK and go through sensitive skin testing throughout development and we give in a big way to our chosen charity, the Kenya Children’s Home.


You can buy our products safe in the knowledge that you are not harming animals, the environment or yourself. Enjoy!