How to Look Good in Photographs

“In this selfie-mad era, looking and feeling good in photos doesn’t always come naturally,” says photographer Shaneen Rosewarne Cox. We caught up with Shaneen, who works as a fine art, commercial and product photographer, to discover her insider secrets and tips to help you to look your best in photographs.

“Photographs are a moment in time that enable us to revisit the past. And as the years pass, so the photos we have become more magical,” says Shaneen. But it can be hard to feel relaxed and look your best when you are in front of a camera lens.

Have you every scrolled through your camera roll to discover lots of great images of your pets or children, but none of yourself? If so, then read on for some great inspiration from Shaneen. Let’s make 2017 the year you start feeling good from both sides of the camera!

Here are Shaneen's top three tips and tricks to get the best from your selfies:

1. Look for natural light. If you are indoors, have a window facing you. Bathing your face in natural light is the most flattering way to be photographed... just be careful not to overexpose. If you tap the screen of your iPhone in different places you can adjust the exposure. 


2. Use a flattering angle. If you are taking a selfie, hold the phone up high and shoot down. You'll find the angle far more flattering. If someone else is taking the photo, turn your hips and shoulders slightly to the side to lose a dress size instantly.

3. Think about what else is in the frame. Ever loved a certain photo but regret not moving the dirty laundry out of the background? Scan every angle of your frame before pressing the button.

Happy snapping!

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