How do the A-list de-stress and unwind?

By Organic Surge

Nadia Narain is one of the UK’s most popular and best-loved yoga teachers. Kate Moss describes Nadia’s spirituality as awakening her body and soul. She counts Rachel Weisz, Sienna Miller, Sam Taylor-Wood, Jools Oliver and Luella Bartley among her students. We caught up with Nadia to discover her top tips on how to de-stress and relax.

OS: You help others to de-stress, but how do you unwind and relax yourself?

NN: Mostly by spending time with my friends and family. I also really like quiet time, so I’m happy when there is no one else at home and I can take a bath or just potter or read.

OS: Can you describe your typical day?

NN: My day usually starts around 6 or 6.30am. I love the mornings – it’s when I find the time to do the things I need to do. I start teaching at 9am… and some days that can go all day. I also teach a couple of evenings a week, so when I don’t I love to be able to come home early. My days are usually pretty full – as well as my yoga teaching I run a business selling organic aromatherapy candles and natural, plant-based perfumes so if I’m not doing one then I’m working on the other. On a good day I might get to bed by 10 or 11pm!

OS: If someone came to you feeling stressed, what three things would you suggest they do?

NN: First of all, slow down. Then take some time to pinpoint what is causing the stress and address the issue. The best advice I was ever given for someone who is having a hard time is to do one nice thing for yourself each day. Whether it's eating well, exercising, going for a walk or being inspired by art, you should make sure you do something that brings you a feeling of well-being. I’ve only just started to learn about real nourishment and kindness. It took along time, I used to be hard on myself.

OS: What is your favourite Organic Surge product?

NN: I love the creamy texture of the Tropical Bergamot Skin Perfecting Body Scrub. It's delicious and organic and I love that bergamot aroma! And I love the creamy cleanser, it smells divine

OS: Can you tell us a bit about your new DVD, Flow Yoga: Strength & Stability?

NN: This is my second DVD. My first one, Everyday Yoga for Stress Release, was a 20-minute sequence designed for anyone to fit into their daily routine. Flow Yoga builds on that but brings more awareness of how to develop strength and stability – not only physically but mentally too! In August the third one comes out and that is a beginners meditation dvd and some gentle movement for slowing it all down

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