Time to Travel

By Organic Surge

It’s that time of year when we’re beginning to think about holidays – getting away from it all, discovering new places, escaping familiar routines. Wherever you go, though, your beauty needs and the problem of fitting everything into a too-small bag seem to follow you. So at Organic Surge we’ve created mini versions of some of our essential products to solve your problems.

The Organic Surge travel friendly tinctures lie next to sunglasses, flip-flops and jewellery ready to get packed.

Good things in small bundles

•Our must-have cleanser, Organic Surge Daily Care Refreshing Face Wash, containing 98.89% natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types, is available in a handy 95ml bottle. 

• Squinting at the sun? Rejuvenate and nourish the sensitive area around your eyes with Organic Surge Hydrating Eye Cream, available in a 20ml bottle.

Organic Surge Replenishing Facial Oil (30ml) will instantly hydrate parched, sun-kissed skin.

• And you can get Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser, enriched with rose geranium essential oil and aloe vera, in a 50ml jar. ‘I wouldn’t be without my intensive moisturiser. Nothing else out there comes close,’ says customer Janny. Even on holiday, there are some things you just don’t want to change!

Organic Surges Home City bathed in golden morning sunlight.

Grown in Britain

You may not know it, but Organic Surge is based in Wick in Caithness, in the far north-east of Scotland, just a few miles south of John O’Groats. It’s a beautiful setting, even if we say it ourselves – lots of peace and quiet, picturesque houses built of local stone, a ruined castle (the Old Man of Wick) looking out over the sea and a scenic fishing harbour that was once the busiest in Britain. We’d recommend it as a holiday spot any time! Our favourite place is Keiss Beach on Sinclair’s Bay, a long strip of sand below by craggy cliffs where you can catch glimpses of seals and puffins. We’re proud to come from an area of the British Isles with so much natural beauty – it’s part of our inspiration for Organic Surge. We choose only essential oils and plant extracts certified as natural. It’s our way of protecting not only ourselves, but the environment around us as well.

Organic Surges Gardeners hand cream lies on a city guide near some pearls.

Preparing for take-off

If you are flying – to Scotland or beyond – a few simple precautions can minimise the effects of dry cabin air on your skin:

• Drink lots of water: the pressurised air in airplanes is notoriously low in humidity. A litre of water for every five hours of flight time should restore your body’s natural balance.

• Take care of your skin: up your moisturising regime before you travel and use an intensive moisturiser such as Organic Surge Gardeners Hand Cream to protect from dehydration during the flight.

• Keep moving: simple exercises such as stretching your arms, rotating your head or flexing your ankles keep your blood circulating and muscles relaxed to minimise fatigue. And don’t forget that the journey is only the start of the adventure to come!

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