Happy Holidays Part 2

After escaping the jetlag relatively unscathed, I had to contend with that weird, motion sickness feeling that you get for at least two days after you’ve landed. You know the one, where you’re brushing your teeth and all of a sudden the ground beneath you is whooshed away is if the plane you’re not actually on anymore has plummeted several thousand feet to Earth. Anyway, once Post Plane Motion Sickness (as I like to call it) had subsided, I began to truly relax and feel in ‘holiday mode’.  Best of all, I was in Arizona, so the dreary grey drizzle of home seemed like one distant foggy memory to me.  Acclimatising to desert heat also meant that my skin needed to adjust. It was just settling in to hibernating winter mode, and now, all of sudden I was thrust back in to brilliant sunshine, and endless blue sky (oh, the hardship). Luckily I had my lightweight Blissful Daily Moisturiser with me, which was a saving grace. It’s light and refreshing, and doesn’t give me that heavy, sticky feeling, that makes my newly applied makeup instantly slide off my face. I have to say, it never left my handbag so it went everywhere with me.

Enough of my smugness about the desert heat: you can’t go to Arizona without a) doing a road trip, and b) visiting the Grand Canyon. So I did both. Unfortunately, the Grand Canyon is really quite high up (note that I’m not a travel writer) and so this meant, yep, you guessed it, back in the cold again! Despite the fact that I hadn’t actually packed for this temperature, I managed to get off quite lightly, as the brilliant, blue sunshine (sorry English folk) meant that it wasn’t too nippy. That and I also had my trusty hand cream with (again, another handbag staple) to contend with the roller coaster temperature ride I was taking my skin on. And my hands REALLY suffered. First of all, I have eczema, and the main area that I get it is on the tips of my fingers and palms of my hands, and this is the first place it flares up if I receive:

  • Not enough sleep
  • Not enough sun
  • Too much cold

As I had basically subjected my hands to all of the above, I was officially screwed. However, I did get some light relief with the Gardners Hand Cream, and the feeling of relief when I applied it was instantaneous.

Thank goodness! Yo yo temperatures are not good for sensitive skin sufferers, but luckily for me, because all the skincare products I wanted to take with me were travel sized, it never seemed too much of a burden – even taking it to the Grand Canyon. I also highly recommend the Kiss and Make Up wipes. Not only did they remove my make up (naturally) but they also doubled up as a handy wet-wipe – perfect for long, sweaty road trips across the desert.

OK, enough already, I promise not to brag again, especially now that I’m back in blightly and am once again acclimatising my skin for the forthcoming Arctic Weather Bomb. Oh joy....

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