Happy Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And if you’re going to the USA then the season starts a lot earlier than in the UK, so it seems, and I’m packing (or attempting to pack) my bags to go and visit my family in the USA for Thanksgiving. What with the all the rules and regulations over what you can and can’t take in your hand luggage versus  the hold luggage, weighing up what I can cram in my re-sealable plastic bag compared to what I have to kiss goodbye to for the 9 hour flight seems like Sophie’s Choice . So I have to go through my virtual checklist:


  • Air conditioning means my lips will dry out, so have to, have to, HAVE TO take lip balm otherwise will resemble Tutankhamen
  • Foundation: hmm, tough one. Want to look presentable to family that I haven’t seen for years, however after a nine hour flight it’s going to take a lot more than 100ml of foundation to make me look a half decent human being, so it’s going in the hold. Is it? Or isn’t it….I don’t know. Arrrrggghh!
  • Mascara. Do I want to spend 20 minutes queuing for the bathroom on a crowded plane to peer into a smeary mirror in an attempt to apply mascara, only for turbulence to strike and thus end up with said mascara wand inserted in eye? I’ll get back to that one.
  • Perfume. Would LOVE take, but alas the bottle is too big for the 100ml regulation. Darn.
  • Moisturiser. YES YES YES!


So after lots of umming and ahhing, I decide to give up altogether on taking any makeup with me for the flight, and I wave it goodbye as it disappears off in to ether on the conveyer belt at Heathrow airport. What I have decided to do is to ‘do the right thing’ and stay hydrated and moisturised for the flight, as I know that 9 hours on an aircondioned plane will zap my body of any form of moisture. I will definitely NOT take advantage of the free bar, and instead will just drink gallons of water, and ritually moisturise my lips and face….

Well if you count tonic water as H2O and discount the gin that accompanied it, then I definitely obeyed the rules. As for my skin, well that was easy. The Blissful daily Moisturiser is in an easy travel size which meant that I had no problems taking it on board with me, and frankly it’s worth its weight in gold as it instantly revived my parched skin (OK, perhaps the G&T didn’t help on that part), but it definitely made me feel human again, and it sure helped me look a little less haggard.

What also helped me was the Organic Surge Eye Gel. Having failed miserably at any attempt at sleep, along with staring at the in-flight entertainment screen for 9 hours, my bleary, bloodshot eyes needed a little TLC to say the least. As it comes in such a dinky bottle, I had no problems packing it my zip lock bag for the flight, and only a few small drops did wonders at refreshing the delicate skin around my eyes, and quite frankly it was a life saver. I would never travel without it again as the results were so instantaneous, and, as the plane landed and I wearily shuffled off to start my holiday, I at least LOOKED raring to go, even if my body clock didn’t feel like it. Goodbye England and hello sunshine!

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