Mind, body and Soul

You might think that skincare, beauty regimes and being a hard working, fitness fanatic doesn’t go hand in hand. I, on the other hand, tend to disagree. Despite being a self confessed tomboy (climbing trees was always way more fun than playing with Barbies, IMO) I’ve always had an obsession with beauty and skincare that I’m happy to say has followed me into my 30s. Fitting a trusted skincare routine into my day is as important as breakkie to me.
A typical day for me might go something like this. It’s a Wednesday morning and I think about my long day ahead;
  • What do I need to pack in my not very attractive, but ridiculously practical pannier (ID badge, Blackberry, note pad, check!)?
  • Have I got enough food for the day (a busy day needs lots of good calories, but I try to reduce temptation by taking my own lunch and snacks)
  • Which taxing gymnastic and olympic lifting movements will be part of my Crossfit class tonight (fingers crossed it’s a leg day as my arms are dead from last night’s netball)

I arrive home around 7:30pm, sweaty, not only from my class, but from the cycle home where I reflect on the day’s meetings about the finer details of one of my Public Health contracts. I’m still learning the ropes of my new job so it’s been a tough day! It’s a relief to me that my partner has made enough veggie chilli for two evenings, so that’s one less task to think about tonight. What an angel! Whilst the chilli is re-heating I take the opportunity to have 10 minutes to myself and turn on the shower.
I lather myself in the Organic Surge Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel and allow the citrus aromas to fill my head and instantly feel revived. My skin feels refreshed but not dried out, which is perfect considering the majority of days I shower at least twice! So, my body’s clean, now for the face. The Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash is perfect to have on the shelf in the shower. A couple of pumps and the gentle gel foams up nicely to remove all of the delightful mix of sweat and makeup which would otherwise be clogging my pores. Once wrapped in a towel, I use the lightweight Blissful Daily Moisturiser which, with it’s essential oils, rehydrates my thirsty skin, without weighing it down. It’s scent is soothing and helps me to wind down from the chaos of today’s antics. I pop on a squirt of the Organic Surge Eye Gel (did I mention I’m in my 30s – I need all the help!) and let out a contented sigh when my partner gives me a shout for dinner.
It may seem like too few products to be a skincare routine, but for time tight, busy women, having the right products is all you need for that Monday-Friday care. Weekends, when time is on your side, is when I like to embrace my inner girl and use Face Polish and body scrubs to release my inner glow! In the meantime, it’s back to packing my pannier for tomorrow. Blackberry, lycra, trainers…check!

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