Spring is in the Air

By Organic Surge

Spring seems to have arrived – and we’ve been sharing things we notice. Leaves coming into bud, birds gathering twigs for nests, the feel of the sun on our faces, the colour of the sky… We find that just being aware of everyday pleasures really enhances our quality of life. You could say it’s a form of mindfulness – a centuries-old meditation technique that focuses the mind in the present to help relieve stress and anxiety. You can begin small by simply becoming more aware of the world around you and of your own thoughts and feelings. Birds, bees, blossom, bulbs – welcome the joys of spring!

Spring Cleaning

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but it’s not just your home that can benefit. Winter can leave your skin looking tired and dull, but our top-quality, natural cleanser – the Organic Surge Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser – will make you feel radiant and renewed. This must-have product is enriched with shea butter to moisturise as well as damask rose and orange peel oils to calm, hydrate and rejuvenate. And it’s organically certified as using 99% natural ingredients. ‘I am soooo pleased with my skin's new bright skintone, smooth appearance and firmness, giving me (I am told) a noticeably younger look!’ says customer Cath H. Just massage the cleanser into your face and neck then wipe away with a facecloth rinsed in hand-hot water. You really will notice that spring is all around you. Find out more about our Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser here

Spring Hot Cloth Cleanser next to flowers

Lighten up

Spring is a time for wearing lighter clothes and eating lighter food. Suddenly here at Organic Surge we’re all sharing recipes for salads and looking out for British asparagus and berries. So why not lighten up your beauty routine too by switching to a facial oil? Organic Surge Replenishing Facial Oil Enriched With Argan Oil instantly hydrates your skin yet leaves no heavy traces. It’s an ingenious blend of three oils: argan, safflower and yarrow. Safflower oil comes from a thistle-like plant with a history that stretches back to the Egyptians. Yarrow – which you often see in butterfly gardens – is a traditional medicine known for its astringent effects. Our Replenishing Facial Oil is 100% natural, with over half its ingredients from organic farming. What better way to celebrate the spring? Find out more about our Replenishing Facial Oil Enriched with Argan Oil here.

Facial oil next to flowers

International Mother Earth Day

April 22 is the day designated by the UN for thinking about safeguarding the planet for future generations and living in harmony with nature. At Organic Surge we always do our best: we use organically certified natural ingredients not only to be kinder to our skin and bodies but to save the environment from pollution by unnecessary chemicals. ‘So thrilled to throw away all my chemical-filled facial products,’ says new customer Samantha S. We also donate funds to charity projects including the Kenyan Children’s Home in Nairobi and Mercy Ships, a floating hospital that brings healthcare to some of the world's poorest people. Living organically can help us all to live life better.

And it needn’t cost the earth.

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