Meet The Team - Laura!

This week it's time to introduce you a relatively new member of the team... Laura!


What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?


Hey everyone! I'm the Social Media Manager here at Organic Surge, so I look after all our great social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (hint hint, nudge nudge). It's always great hearing what you guys think about the brand and I get to do that and interact with all of our fans which I love!I have also recently began interacting with international beauty bloggers and look forward to working closely with them in the future.



We are currently doing a Twitter competition whereby you and a friend can win a Daily Skin Care Regime Bundle each by simply uploading a photo of you and your best friend with the tags @organicsurge and #skinsbestfriend.


What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?


One of my main interests is social media.. I love being able to instantly connect with friends and share the days thoughts. I must also admit I am a slight Instagram addict! I also love beauty, constantly playing with new makeup and creating new looks on myself and friends is what I enjoy spending my spare time doing, got to love a good bit of nail art too. One last interest would be TV & movies.. documentaries in particular (Louis Theroux is my hero!)


What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?


Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser - I think I'd have to agree with many others with this being my favourite product. The feel of it on your skin is so silky smooth and it leaves my face feeling rejuvinated, fresh and gives it a natural glow.


Fresh Ocean Light Body Lotion - This product is my staple body moisturiser. It glides on to the skin and smells lovely. I have naturally dry skin and since using this my skin has never felt so hydrated due to it's natural glycerine ingredient.


First Class Mask - I love a face mask anyway (nothing better than a pamper night in with friends to prepare for the weekend). This mask leaves my skin revitalised with a perfect clear complexion and a great base to begin my makeup with.


What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?


One of my highlights has been meeting members of the Organic Surge team (I only started a few months ago). I used to work for British Beauty Brand Illamasqua with Alex Cummins (the now Brand Manager at Organic Surge) so it's amazing to be able to work with such a great friend as we have both moved on to this wonderful company. In the past week I ran a #7daygiveaway competition on Facebook and the entries including inspirational quotes and photo's of what makes our fans happy were amazing so this has to be another highlight.. Thanks to everyone who entered, you made my day!


I'd just like to thank anyone and everyone that is a fan of Organic Surge and follows us throughout our social networks. Stay in tune with us for many more competitions, news and beauty tips and don't forget to visit the blog for some great posts and to meet next weeks member of the team! (Links to follow us are at the top of this page on the right)



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