Meet The Team - Jenni!

This week we introduce you to the wonderful Jenni! She looks after our UK bloggers so many of you may already know her. Over to you Jenni...

What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

I manage the blog PR relations for Organic Surge, collaborating with the UK’s top beauty bloggers and sending them Organic Surge products for them to trial and review on their blogs. If the bloggers love our products enough to make the cut then they’ll tell their readers about their experience and help to spread the word about Organic Surge.

We are very lucky that bloggers love Organic Surge products and we get a huge amount of great reviews every month – the support from top beauty bloggers is huge and it is something we are very grateful for.

Recent highlights for the new Organic Surge Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser include iconic make-up artist Lisa Eldridge giving it the coveted #LisaLoves and describing it as “gentle, effective makeup removal & skin cleansing” and top beauty blogger Make Up Savvy describing it as “a mild feeling cleanser that is a joy to use to fully remove even the most stubborn of make-up”.


What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

My perfect evening is spent with my husband, good friends, good food and a glass of wine. Life is about simple pleasures and it doesn’t get better than that.

I love pilates and every Friday evening I finish work and head to the pilates studio - it helps to define the end of my working week and the beginning of the weekend. Pilates is a great way to calm the mind and strengthen the body and I always leave the class feeling great.

I have a geek-like obsession with nutrition and can pore over nutrition books for hours (like I say, pure geek!). I have changed my diet drastically over the past few years (which my health and skin have loved me for). My top tips for good health and great skin from the inside out are to eat/cook fresh (not processed food) wherever possible, eat a variety of whole foods for maximum nutrients and keep naughty treats to a minimum – but don’t deny yourself altogether. After all, life’s too short and no-one ever got fat from eating one naughty meal, just as no-one ever got skinny from eating one healthy meal.


What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Mask – the most incredible hair conditioner I have ever come across. It leaves my hair beautifully soft and manageable in moments.

Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel – the invigorating scent really wakes me up in the morning and I love that it doesn’t contain SLS and yet still foams beautifully. My husband loves it too, which is always a bonus!

Organic Surge Spiced Lily Foaming Bath – the rich, decadent scent is pure heaven and it bubbles up no end – again, without the use of SLS. It is such a treat at the end of a long day.


What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?

Watching Organic Surge grow from being a relatively unknown brand across beauty blogs to becoming a favourite among many top beauty bloggers. I regularly see comments like: “Organic Surge is one of my favourite brands – there isn’t one product I haven’t loved” – it’s great to know we’re doing something right! The support of bloggers has shown that natural and organic products can be both high-performing and affordable – a message I am passionate about promoting.


Head back to our blog next week as we unveil another member of the Organic Surge team!

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