Meet The Team - Alan!

Want to meet the key people behind the award-winning skin, body and haircare brand Organic Surge? What better way to find out than meeting each member of the team. Each week we will be bringing you a new team member, giving you lucky people the chance to get to know us and what we do… so, where else to start than with the founder of Organic Surge, Alan MacKenzie!



What is your role at Organic Surge and what does it involve?

Hi! I'm Alan MacKenzie , founder of Organic Surge and it's my great pleasure to present Organic Surge to you. I suffered from skin sensitivity for many years, and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t buy a natural skincare range anywhere – and at what I thought was an affordable price – so I decided to create my own; Organic Surge, a range of products bursting with skin-loving, naturally-derived ingredients and certified organic essential oils. And at a great price! Our team at Organic Surge has developed our products with you in mind and we want you and your skin to have a really great time, so that you Live Life Better. I oversee all of the team and the workings of the business from initial NPD through the marketing mix and finally in to stores.


What are your interests outside of Organic Surge?

I enjoy keeping fit, spending time with my family and friends, love traveling and exploring new countries! I like to read, play tennis and love hikes in the country. I really enjoy helping my people to achieve their goals!


What are your top 3 Organic Surge products and why?

Hot Cloth Cleanser - As it has taken us two years to make this. Which is for me the perfect product in every way.. It’s effective, great to use and every day my skin feels better.

Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser - Because it acts like a dream on my skin.

Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel - It makes my skin feel refreshed and revived after using it and it never feels dry or itchy.. I couldn’t live without it.


What has been your highlight since working at Organic Surge?
My main highlight is being proud of the products we offer to you. We take our obligation to look after our environment and each other very seriously. All of our products are made in the UK and go through sensitive skin testing throughout development and we give in a big way to our chosen charity, the Kenya Children’s Home.


You can buy our products safe in the knowledge that you are not harming animals, the environment or yourself. Enjoy!


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