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Here at Organic Surge we’re big fans of beauty bloggers – we’re constantly impressed by their incredible knowledge and love of beauty. So we got together with some of the UK’s top beauty bloggers to share their beauty tips with you, dear readers. Take note!


“Take care of your skin! Find the products that work for you, cleanse well and make sure your skin is properly moisturised. Having a good base to start from makes applying makeup much easier.”



“If you are going for a heavy, smoky eye with plenty of glitter or loose pigment, then start with your eye make up first before applying your base products. This will allow you to sweep away any fall-out without ruining your make up and then you can finish off with concealer and foundation to give a clean, fresh look.”



“If you’re like me and don’t wear make up all the time, when giving your skin a break apply organic aloe vera over the face like a mask and allow to dry. It helps your face during the colder months, fights inflammation and acne and soothes and moisturises your skin. As it dries clear, no-one will know your new all-day skin benefit.”



“Make up brushes make the biggest difference when it comes to the make up you use. Even if the product is not the best on the market, if you use it with the right brush you can make it work for you. For example, a fluffy brush like the Mac 217 is the only brush I use for eyeshadow application because it makes eyeshadow apply like a dream. Also, the Real Techniques Contour Brush is the perfect rounded edge contour brush for getting right into the hollows on the cheeks. They are both total must-haves and I wouldn't apply my make up without them.” 



“Always keep skin hydrated with a good moisturiser that suits your skin type - even if you're naturally very oily. A nourishing cream for night time and a lighter moisturiser with SPF for the day are two essentials in my skin care routine. Beautiful make up application begins with a smooth, primed base and even if you're not wearing make up it's important to use moisturiser to protect your skin as much as possible from the elements.”



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