Spotlight On Toners

Confused about toners? Don’t be! Our spotlight on toners will guide you through everything you need to know.

Toners – what’s the deal? 
Ah toner, once a staple part of our skincare regimes and now often surrounded by confusion about exactly what it does for our skin. This is because toners were originally designed for use before the days of sophisticated cleansers, when people would cleanse their face with a trusty bar of soap. Here toners came into their own, as soaps are alkaline by their nature and would therefore disturb the naturally acidic balance of our skin, so toners would help restore the natural balance of the skin.

So why do I need a toner now? 
Today’s toners have a number of skin-loving benefits:
- It freshens the skin after cleansing and provides it with an invigorating boost
- A good toner will be loaded with skin-caring goodies to provide an extra layer of protection and care for the skin-
- It can provide an extra layer of hydration for the skin – make sure you look for alcohol-free formulas as these can be drying

I’m sold! Erm, but what is a toner exactly?
A toner is a light, water-based formula that encourages moisture-retention and contains skin-caring ingredients to treat the skin. Simply pour onto a cotton pad, wipe over the skin and you’re done!

Cool! Where can I get one?
You’re in luck! Organic Surge has just re-launched its much-loved toner and it’s back better than ever! Bursting with natural ingredients, the Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner is alcohol-free and refreshes the skin without depleting natural skin moisture. It is formulated with orange flower water which is renowned for its healing, anti-ageing and regenerating properties, while natural centella asiatica repairs and promotes skin renewal and aloe vera calms and moisturises. It is perfect for refreshing the skin after cleansing or as an instant pick-me-up whenever your skin needs a boost.

But don’t just take our word for it!
Our customers are loving the Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner, with 5 star reviews including: “My skin has been very irritated and sensitive for several months. This toner, combined with the day moisturiser, has worked wonders. It smells wonderful, but does not feel harsh.”

If you want to try the Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner (RRP £6.50) for yourself, you can get if for FREE with any orders over £25 online at until 17 February 2014 – don’t miss out!

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