The Organic Surge Menopause Survival Guide

By our early 40s, most of us have worked out the right cleanse and care routine for our skin, after years of trial and error. Then suddenly, seemingly overnight, with the arrival of menopausal symptoms our skin becomes unpredictable and hard to manage. It can be like puberty all over again, as our body responds to fluctuations in hormonal balance.

Some lucky women sail through the menopause but up to 80% of us will experience the discomfort caused by hot flushes, broken sleep and distressed skin.

At Organic Surge, we have some tips to help you handle the most common and frustrating symptoms of menopausal skin.

Hot flushes
The most notorious symptom of the menopause, hot flushes can strike at any time. While they usually last only few minutes they are uncomfortable and can be embarrassing if you're in public when they occur.

Staying calm, breathing deeply and applying a cooling lotion or mist to the skin will help to relieve symptoms.

Organic Surge Refreshing Toner contains natural actives that soothe the skin without drying or irritating. At the first sign of a flush lightly dab the Toner onto your face and neck and let it dry naturally. This will cool your skin while the lemon and rosemary essential oils release their delicate, soothing fragrance.  When you're out and about, decant some Refreshing Toner into a spray bottle and spritz away the hot flush!

Dry, itchy skin and dull skintone 
The menopause reduces oestrogen levels which slow down the skin’s production of collagen. Show your skin some TLC to help it feel soft, fresh and healthy.

Combat dry, itchy and irritated skin by moisturising regularly with a facial cream and body lotion that are free from the most common skin irritants, such as synthetic fragrances and colourants. 

Enriched with soothing aloe vera, green tea and grapeseed oil, Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser is the ideal rehydrator for mature skin. Rose geranium essential oil works to restore the skin's natural balance and clears sluggish circulation.

And new Fresh Ocean Light Body Lotion has an invigorating, natural fragrance and lightweight, non-greasy texture that will help to cool your skin and calm your spirits.

Sleep problems 
Difficulty sleeping and broken sleep are common problems at this time and can have a direct effect on the health and condition of your skin.

Lavender is a renowned natural aid to sleep. Just before bed, cleanse and comfort your skin with Lavender Meadow Foaming Bath or Shower Gel, then rehydrate with conditioning Lavender Meadow Body Lotion. Breathe in the blend of lavender and geranium essential oils to draw a restful close to your day.X

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