A Day In The Life At Organic Surge

Another busy day at Organic Surge HQ

As told by Organic Surge Office Manager Coreen Crowe

Organic Surge HQ is in Wick, a small town in the very north of Scotland. We’re lucky to have such beautiful coastal views on our doorstep but rarely get time to enjoy them during the working day – we’re a very busy team!

There’s no easing into the day at Organic Surge HQ. Every day starts at full speed as we aim to get all the Organic Surge website orders packed and dispatched in time for the mid-afternoon post. I've seen the number of orders increase hugely over the past couple of years and it’s sometimes a struggle to get through them all. We’ve had to develop a list of willing students and friends in the area who we call on at particularly busy times, such as the lead up to Christmas. 

The team here is responsible for answering customer calls, emails and letters. We pride ourselves on efficient and personal customer service so this is a very important part of our job. We answer many enquiries ourselves, if they relate to website orders or delivery arrangements but some are more complicated and need discussion with other Organic Surge teams such as Product Development and Marketing. We answer all enquiries as quickly and thoroughly as we can.
After a very busy morning, I'm ready for a break by midday. If I have time, I nip out to grab a sandwich and some fresh air but when there’s a promotion on the Organic Surge website I know it’s going to be manic and bring my lunch to work.
In the afternoons we deal with orders and enquiries from retailers and commercial partners in the UK and around the world. All the orders come through this office, and we’re also the central point for information, images, samples and too many more things to list!

Some members of the Organic Surge team are based elsewhere and we provide support for them too such as arranging travel, setting-up meetings and dealing with unpredictable IT gremlins.
Part of the job I really enjoy is testing new products. Organic Surge is against animal testing so we all get involved in trying out new formulations. It’s more complicated than it sounds and I had to learn how to test thoroughly so I can feedback on all aspects of a product - how it feels to apply, how quickly it dries, how it makes my skin feel at first and after some hours and lots more. It’s enjoyable to see a new product launch when you’ve been involved in it since day one.
Of course, we’re all big fans of Organic Surge products and have our own favourites. I love Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser which keeps my skin soft and healthy-looking, even through harsh Wick winters. And we all swear by Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream, as it stops the packing materials drying out and irritating our skin.
The team starts heading home at 5.30pm, but I stay a while longer to catch up on anything I didn’t have time for during the day. There’s no such thing as an average day at Organic Surge HQ but if I'm honest, that’s exactly why I enjoy working here!

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