Organic Surge Review By Asquith London

At Asquith London we make organic cotton and bamboo yoga clothing. We're a British, designer brand which stands alone in its styling and exceptional quality. Asquith London is deeply committed to each and every person who purchases our pieces, the intention being that whilst wearing our wear, you are able to access your peaceful energy without any constraints and restrictions.

It’s always a treat to be asked to review good quality hair and skincare products. I find it’s an opportunity for me to indulge, when I’m usually rushing! As a working mum of 2 young children, life keeps a hectic pace. But I’m taking things more slowly these past few days – making time to enjoy the hand wash and hand & nail cream and shampoo and conditioner I’ve been asked to review.

Made with skin loving ingredients, organic lavender and geranium essential oils the Hand and Nail Cream not only fills my senses with a wonderful aroma helping me to enjoy a moment of relaxation, but it leaves my hands silky smooth, ironing out those tell tell cracks which are forming with the change in the weather. The nail cream’s pair –Gentle Meadow Hand Wash has an enjoyable rich lather and is gentle on my hands, without leaving a residue.

With long curly locks – finding a good shampoo and a conditioner which doesn’t require a 3 minute ‘leave in’ time and is gentle for a sensitive scalp is a must. Mornings are against the clock and kids need to be out the door by 8.30am and on their way to school. This morning I tried Organic Surge’s Moisture Boost Shampoo – made with organic almond and palmarosa essential oils, followed by Moisture Boost Conditioner – both for dry or frizzy hair.

I’m often quite sceptical of claims made by hair care products and have been left disappointed by countless other, similarly priced brands, which leave my hair feeling full of residues or static. But I’m pleased with the results of Organic Surge’s hair products - particularly the conditioner, which left my hair easy to brush and with a rich shine.

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Good luck!

Update 24/10/2012: As an exclusive for Organic Surge customers Asquith London are currently offering 20% OFF until 28, November 2012 (excludes sale items). Please use promotional code 'ORGANICSURGE20' when checking out.

Claire Weir, Asquith London

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