Guest Blog: Scottish Artisan Jeweller Matthew Henderson

hey say that in life you must have the right balance between work and pleasure.
I guess I am blessed that my work is one of my greatest pleasures! 

My name is Matthew Henderson, and in conjunction with Organic Surge, I've designed a diamond pendant for Organic Surge's Diamond Jubilee Year Competition.

Before I explain more about the pendant itself, let me first give you a little information about what I do. I work with my father in our family run business WTG Henderson’s of Perth (image of front of shop shown below). We are now into our fourth generation, and have come a long way since my great grandfather established our first shop in Jermyn Street, London back in 1938. Jewellery is a wonderful thing, and I love to come up with creative designs and see them come to life. Like the great range of Organic Surge products, beautiful pieces of jewellery make you look good, and I believe if you look good, you feel good! I am enjoying learning my trade and finding out more about the day-to-day running of a business.

The core idea in the design of the pendant (image shown to the right) was for the Queen’s Jubilee. After a few days sketching out some designs I decided that diamonds were to be a main focus point, for a few reasons, firstly because every woman knows, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”, secondly it is the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The body of the pendant is shaped with the letters O and S, for the initials of Organic Surge. My main focus was to construct a piece of jewellery that was versatile; and that would be suitable for all ages and styles, similar to the range at Organic Surge.

Around my workplace and at home, I use Organic Surge products every day. The one product that I use on a daily basis is the Tropical Bergamot Hand and Nail Cream. Working with my hands all day can cause my skin to become rough. The machines that I use in the workshop can also irritate the skin and I find that when I use this cream, it helps to prevent my skin from damage and keeps my hands really soft and moisturised.

I do hope that the winner of this fabulous competition gets the same pleasure in wearing the pendant as I had in making it. “Diamonds are forever.”

All the very best,
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