How To Survive The London Marathon

The annual London road race is this weekend where roughly 25,000 people tackle the gruelling 26.2 mile course, pacing themselves through the streets of London, passing the famous city’s landmarks. Some even take on the challenge in fancy dress.

The idea to host the London Marathon was devised during the late 1970’s in a local pub, and it’s now one of the world’s greatest races. For more information about the race, click here.

At ORGANIC SURGE we understand that the demanding training schedule and race day takes its toll on your body and mind. So here’s a few ideas on how to prepare for it and help recovery.

Start the day off with a warm energising shower to help uplift and wake up the senses. We think the Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel is just the tonic and will act like a natural turbo boost to bring you to life on the morning of the race. With its blend of purifying and stimulating organic peppermint, lemon and orange essential oils the Citrus Mint refreshes and invigorates. Peppermint will also help to calm pre race nerves with its calming properties and soothe stress and tension, so that you feel in peak condition before taking on the race. The formulation also has natural moisturisers and protective vitamin E to help protect the skin from the harsh elements during the race.

You’ll probably feel like you can never recover! But with the right aftercare you’ll be back fighting fit in no time. Treat yourself to a hot bath helping to soothe and restore sore, aching muscles. Pop a little Organic Surge Gentle Meadow Foaming Bath and breathe in the healing essential oils. The delicate blend of lavender and geranium organic essential oils will help to speed up the recovery process. Lavender soothes and calms skin irritation, which may have been caused by your footwear or clothing during the race. It’s an excellent natural remedy for aches and pains, soothing sore muscles, and also helps to relax and enduce sleep for a good night’s rest post marathon. Geranium works to balance the mind and emotions, stimulating the adrenal cortex to balance the hormonal system and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Good luck to everyone taking part!

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