The Iron Man’s Wife

At Organic Surge we love to hear how people are trying to ‘Live Life Better’. Our latest blog hears a wife’s perspective on her husband’s (gruelling!) training regime for the Iron Man event. 
For those of you who don’t know what the IRON MAN event is, well its sheer madness! A gruelling monster triathlon which involves a 2.4 mile swim in open water, 112 mile bike course and to finish a 26.2 marathon. It’s a competition not for the faint hearted and requires a very strict training regime and immense willpower. 
When my other half decided to take on the challenge, I myself didn’t quite contemplate how it would turn not just his but both our lives upside down.  Each day now starts at 6am sharp when he’s up and into training mode.  Morning routine is normally a good hour to an hour and a half on the bike using his indoor trainer.  Then it’s a full day’s work, followed by a 6 mile run home.  Phew! 
When taking on an IRON MAN there is much to consider and you need to plan, change your lifestyle and prepare a training regime which you stick to.  The main areas are the cost, your social life and how to cope with the pain of aching muscle whilst keeping upbeat and motivated. 
The entry fee and kit is expensive and shouldn’t be taken lightly as you need the right equipment to withstand such endurance.  An IRON MAN’s kit includes a wet suit, specialist bike and cycle gear, carb gels, protein shakes, at least two pairs of decent running shoes, plenty of sportswear for outdoor and indoor exercise plus plenty of muscle relief for post training. 
So far I’m in awe of how much my hubby has taken on, he’s a changed man – I’ve even started to up the exercise and mindful of what I eat.  Aside from work and exercise our social life is pretty much nonexistent, we’re trying hard to live life better with cutting down on eating out, takeaways and alcohol consumption.  Our closest friends think we’ve emigrated! 
He’s never been one with an interest in grooming products (he normally pinches mine) but now with every muscle in his body aching and put through a daily, gruelling routine he wants products to help him through the pain.  So I started to look at which ingredients and brands can help to aid his burnt out body and found a combination of certain essential oils are the perfect remedy.  
He now has two products (which of course I found) he swears by to get him through the day – the Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Shower Gel and Organic Surge Spiced Lily Foaming Bath.  Here’s why:
Palmarosa: calms the mind, relieves stress, stiff and sore muscles
Rosemary: stimulates the brain, improves memory and mental clarity, stimulate cell renewal, aids stiff muscles
Lemon: treats stress, sleep inducing, calming, detoxing
Lime: helps lift depression and lighten mood 
Patchouli: fights depression and anxiety, helps to ground and balance
Clove: uplifting and stimulating 
The countdown to Sunday 22 July has well and truly begun.  Bring on the IRON MAN
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