Spiced Lily Love Potion

Love is it the air this Valentine’s with the scent of Organic Surge.  Our warming Spiced Lily Foaming Bath is the perfect Love Potion for Valentine’s. Containing organic Patchouli essential oil know for its aphrodisiac qualities and organic Spiced Clove-Bud essential oil for its sensual and stimulating properties.

So why not share a romantic bath this Valentine’s?  Pour Organic Surge Spiced Lily Foaming Bath liberally into a warm, running bath.  Did you know the perfect temperature for bathing is two degrees above body temp.  Soaking in anything hotter or for longer than 20 minutes will leave skin dry and wrinkled.

Set the romantic mood with a candle lit bathroom – opt for unscented so that you can make the most of the sensual Spiced Lily scent.  Sit back and relax, breathing in the essential oil fragrance blend.
Finish, with a smothering of Tropical Bergamot Body Lotion massaged into your skin. The fruity fragrance creates a feeling of happiness and warmth and the moisturising properties of skin conditioning almond oil will leave skin irresistibly soft!
Share the love this Valentine’s!

You can pick up the Organic Surge Spiced Lily Foaming Bath as part of our new Fabulous 5 'Try Me' Bundle, Now Just £19.99 (25% OFF), which contains:
  • Daily Care Face Wash
  • Blissful Daily Moisturiser
  • Gentle Meadow Body Lotion
  • Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel
  • Spiced Lily Foaming Bath
Nourish and protect your skin everyday with these ‘must have’ skin and bodycare essentials, packed with naturally-derived ingredients and fragrant organic essential oils. The Fabulous Five bundle is the perfect introduction to Organic Surge newbies and a huge ‘thank you!’ to everyone who loves us already!

Let us know what you think of the new bundle in the comments below.
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