Beat The Winter Blues The Natural Way

An estimated two million people in the UK suffer from SAD every winter and January is often the worst affected month.  Funds are low from the festive season expenses and the Christmas glow has well and truly faded.  January is also one of the hardest months to feel motivated and yet we’re faced with constant news stories on weight loss and exercising!
Here at Organic Surge we have a simple solution to help you combat the winter blues the natural way with our clever blend of ingredients and essential oils, which you can incorporate into your daily routine to burst that gloomy bubble!
The ORGANIC SURGE body and skincare range blends skin-loving ingredients with delicious, essential oil fragrances to boost mind and body.  Untouched by harsh chemicals, ORGANIC SURGE is free from parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances and colourants.

Have a great start to the day with Fresh Ocean Shower Gel (250ml £3.99):
  • - Enriched with intense natural moisturisers, glycerine and palmarosa oil to calm the mind
  • - Organic rosemary essential oil helps to improve memory and works to stimulate cell renewal
  • - Naturally cleansing organic lemon and lime essential oils help to treat stresstiredness,lift depressionlighten your mood and rejuvenate dull skin
  • - Protective vitamin E conditions and helps to soothe any skin irritation
Positive thinking will get you through the day, moisturise skin with Tropical Bergamot Body Lotion(200ml £4.99):
  • - Contains bergamot and sweet orange, which can help aid depression with their calming,refreshing and warming properties to help create a feeling of happiness.
  • - Super-hydrating body lotion, it quickly absorbs to protect from dryness and irritation, with skin-conditioning almond oil and glycerine leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised
End the day on a high, relax and revive body and mind, unwind in a bath filled with naturally nurturing bubbles to help de-stress Spiced Lily Foaming Bath (250ml £4.99):
  • - Essential oils of sensual patchouli and spicy clove-bud help to beat depression andanxiety with their grounding, balancing and uplifting effect
  • - Natural antioxidant vitamin E soothes the skin, while skin-conditioning glycerine actively attracts moisture to the skin, allowing it to remain smooth, nourished and hydrated
We’d love to know if you have any tips on beating the winter blues – why not leave a comment in the box below about anything you’ve tried and found that it has worked wonders.
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