Detox And Revitalise For 2012

It’s that time of year again where we look to undo the festive binge and aim to start the New Year with a detox.  The over indulgence during Christmas can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic which is not how you want to start 2012.

Why Detox?
A detox gives your body the chance to have a break from anything toxic helping to work the toxins out of your system.  Following a simple detox plan to eradicate toxins can help to give you more energy, aid weight loss, boost your immune system, strengthen your organs and increase self-confidence.  It can also help to improve your appearance giving you clearer, radiant skin.  

Our modern day lives are filled with toxins from poor diet high in sugar and salt, stressful lifestyle, pesticides, alcohol.  When the toxins are removed it gives your body a break from burning energy digesting heavy, sugar and fat filled meals and snacks which are difficult to digest and metabolise.  Instead the body has the energy to cleanse and regenerate the body’s tissue and vital organs.

How to Detox?
First off decide on how long you’d like to detox for – it will need to be at least two weeks to notice a significant enough difference.  Cut out all sugar, salt, fat, alcohol and tobacco from your diet, opting for a diet rich in vitamins, antioxidants and plenty of water to hydrate.  Juices, soups and salads are the perfect way to get the nutrients you need and taste delicious.  Making them yourself will also help with the post Christmas funds to save money until payday.

You can also detox your beauty regime be eliminating any products which are laden with chemicals.  Instead opt for a range which is untouched from harsh chemicals like Organic Surge which is free from parabens, SLS artificial fragrances and colourants.  The range has your detox friendly skin care, body care and hair care all covered!  

We also have a fabulous new Skin Care Bundle which is perfect for detoxing and renewing your skin.  The new bundle contains our Skin Perfecting PolishFirst Class Face Mask and Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser all for just £17.98, a saving of 25% when buying the items separately!

Got any top detoxing tips? If you have any top detoxing tips pop a comment below or add to our Facebook page.

Live Life Better in 2012!

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