Organic Surge Against Animal Testing

It’s frightening to think how many helpless animals suffer year in year out in the vain attempt to help cosmetic companies test the latest beauty products. The European Union was due to be free of all new animal tested products’ by 2013, but sadly this has recently been delayed.

Here at Organic Surge we don’t believe in cruel cosmetics. We are very passionate about delivering natural and organic products which work to give you the best results for your skin, hair and body. Untouched by harsh chemicals, ORGANIC SURGE is free from synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrances, SLS and parabens.

In our meticulous product development process we are 100% against animal testing – this includes our ingredients and final products. We love all animals and believe they deserve the respect to live life better. Using Organic Surge products will give you the peace of mind that no Stuart Little’s or Danger Mice were harmed to make our products what they are.

We know that as our ingredients are natural, they don’t need to go through the same testing phases that some new chemistry led ingredients need to go through before being deemed safe for use. Our essential oils have been used for centuries to hydrate, nourish and replenish skin.

For more information, follow our link here.

Now for some cute animal pictures to remind us why we at Organic Surge are against animal testing...

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