Welcome To The New Organic Surge Website

We've put months of planning into rethinking our website and how we'd like it to look and function. We're very aware that this is our World Stage and you are our audience.

Organic Surge all began as my personal quest for natural products which were untouched by harsh chemicals but were also really good to use and delivered real results. I wanted formulas which were intelligently created combining the best natural ingredients with advanced scientific development. Our team at Organic Surge have developed these with you in mind and we want you and your skin to have a really great time, so that you Live Life Better.

So with a fantastic line up of products sold to more than a million satisfied customers, we just had to have a website that matched up. And we believe we now have one here....

We now have a site with significant improvements which include shop fast, (If I want something I want it now and in a hurry with no hassle and I know so many of you feel the same!), view your order history with easy re-order.

We've increased the detail in several areas but in particular we've given you more product information about the ingredients we use, and told you more about how we like to help others Live Life Better in our charity section.

I personally read every comment that comes through from you and this gives me the greatest encouragement ever and also direction of what we'd like to develop next. This comment just came through as I was writing this blog from Laura in England...."I love the Daily Face Care Wash as it leaves your face feeling properly clean! I also love the Eye Gel and the Blissful Daily Moisturiser - It has taken me 20 years to find one that suits my skin and does the job perfectly. I absolutely love Organic Surge skincare!!!!"

Thank you so much everyone for your comments...please keep them coming and I promise to keep developing great products which are 100% free from parabens, SLS, artificial fragrances and colourants.

Live Life Better as you use Organic Surge knowing that it is untouched by harsh chemicals.

Enjoy the new website

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