Kiss And Makeup's Steph Powell Shares Her Beauty Tips!

This week’s blog features Steph Powell, the editor of top beauty blog Kiss and Makeup. She shares her beauty tips and talks about why she prefers natural & organic products.

Why do you choose to use natural and organic products?

Natural and organic products just seem a lot less harsh on my skin and I feel more confident I'm not going to have a horrible reaction to them - sometimes I feel really guilty about the stress I am probably inflicting on my skin with all the chemicals in the things I'm testing, so it’s nice to use something more gentle.

Which natural and organic ingredients are most appealing to you and why?

I'm obsessed with rosehip oil – it’s packed with essential fatty acids which are vital for skin cell regeneration. It also contains retinol and Vitamin C so is amazingly rehydrating, moisturizing, has anti-aging benefits and helps to fade scars (use it as night and you'll wake up glowing!) Rosehip oil is also great on nails and hair - it's quite literally a multi-tasking machine! I also love Sweet almond oil, because it's not only one of my favourite scents, but it's also a great moisturiser, especially for hair.

Have you noticed a difference in your hair/skin since using more natural and organic products?

Whenever I use a product with a lot of organic ingredients I notice that they usually seem to be a lot more effective, probably due to all the powerful natural oils in them; the hair treatments leave it shinier and silkier and the skincare products always leave a little extra glow.

What are your favourite Organic Surge products and why?

I love the Kiss and Makeup Cleansing Wipes - I don't use facewipes unless I've had a really heavy night out, but I use these for removing my eye makeup - they're really gentle but still very effective, plus they share our name! The Sugared Almond Shower Gel is amazing - smells so good I wish I could eat it, and it's really lather-y. (if that’s a word?) I like the Spiced Lily Foaming Bath Oil for a proper soak - the scent is really calming.

What are your top 5 skin care tips?

The classic; drink loads of water

2. Get enough sleep

3. Make sure you always completely remove your makeup at night

4. Use an exfoliator a few times a week (after a shower if possible)

5. Apply your moisturiser/serum while your face is still warm and damp from washing it - it helps it soak in better.

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