Mashimoni Squatters School – Easter Holiday Club

Organic Surge is proud that one if its volunteers was recently part of the team that helped run the Mashimoni School Easter holidays club, and we are excited to share her experience with you.

“It is has been such a privilege to be able to visit Mashimoni School over the past 3 years. Mashimoni Squatters School has over 600 children and is situated in the middle of Kibera. I have been fortunate to be part of a team that recently ran a holiday club in the Easter holidays. It's so important that these children have the opportunity to attend holiday camp as the food that is provided may be their only meal of the day. The reality is that these children are residents in one of the biggest slums in Africa where poverty and deprivation is so apparent. However in the Mashimoni School during the holiday camp there were plenty of smiles. We did singing, dancing, sports and arts and crafts with the children. The children engage so well in these activit ies and it is amazing that through volunteers and outside support the school is able to provide these camps throughout the year. Mashimoni School provides an education which is key for these children to give them the skills they need to pursue their dreams. When talking to the children their dreams are like other children - to be pilots, teachers and nurses!”

Haj – Organic Surge Volunteer

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