Do You Need To Re-Hydrate Your Skin After Last Weekend’s Royal Wedding Parties?

Royal Wedding fever hit last weekend and the whole country celebrated with the newlyweds. Street parties up and down the UK ensured we all had a great time, but a little over indulgence at a party, can have a big affect on our skin. Tired and dull looking skin needs hydration and you can rely on Organic Surge Skincare to provide 24 hour natural skin nourishment with our range of day and night time moisturisers. Blissful Daily Moisturiser for normal skin, Super-Intensive Moisturiser for dry skin and Overnight Sensation Night Cream for all skin-types, gently care and nourish with the benefits of natural hydrators and Organic Essential Oils. Choosing the right moisturiser is easy with Organic Surge Skincare – simply take one of the two daily moisturisers and the Overnight Sensation Night Cream to keep skin naturally hydrated without any fuss.

Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser for normal skin - 50ml

This daily moisturiser will instantly become a favourite within your skincareroutine, a delicate moisturiser that you will love to use. Enjoy a generous helping of Organic Essential Oils including cleansing Lemon, purifying Rosemary, soothing Bergamot and Palmarosa and stimulating Sweet Orange. Combined with a blend of natural hydrators and antioxidants this daily moisturiser cares for your skin ensuring a healthy, smooth complexion.

Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser for dry skin - 50ml

Specifically designed for dry skin that needs an extra surge of moisture this intensely hydrating cream provides the ultimate boost to restore dryness. Organic Essential Oil of Rose Geranium is key to restoring skin balance and reviving a dull complexion. With the additional benefits of Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Grape Seed oil to repair, sooth and lock in moisturise, skin will look and feel super soft. 

Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream for all skin types - 50ml

Avoid the morning blues and that after-party look when you wake up with this luxurious cream that restores hydration whilst you sleep. During the night, skin is at its most receptive and deprived of the goodness it craves. Bursting with natural skin emollients including Shea Butter, Glycerine and Aloe Vera, Overnight Sensation Night Cream lovingly restores skin and keeps it from harm. Organic Essential Oil of Rose Geranium is also included to help keep sluggish skin at bay. Make night time a time for your skin to recoup after a long day with Overnight Sensation Night Cream – for a sensational skin experience night after night!

Re-hydrate your skin with Organic Surge...and get ready for your next big party!

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