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Congratulations to Brittney Herrmann, who is the WINNER of our blog competition!

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Brittney's article 'Our Greener Acres' was chosen by Organic Surge Founder Alan MacKenzie as the winner and was LOVED by the entire Organic Surge Team.

'Our Greener Acres' is about Brittney’s decision on 'GOING GREEN' and we’re sure that’ll you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we did!

OUR GREENER ACRES by Brittney Herrmann

Howdy! My name is Brittney Herrmann. I am a farmer/rancher’s wife and a stay at home mom to two toddlers. We live in central Oklahoma on 80 acres where we raise cattle and my husband runs his general construction business.

So, I have made the decision to “go green.” I know, I know….everybody’s doing it. But I have my reasons! First of all, what exactly does it mean to go green? I believe that it means whatever you want it to. Whether you jump in with both feet and decide to never use another paper product again or if all you do is use one CFL light bulb in your house, you have made a decision to go green.

What has compelled me to do this? It’s simple…the health of my family. It all started when my oldest child was a crawling baby. After I would mop my floor, with a product chock full of chemicals, she would follow right behind me and lick the floor. Yuck! I guess she thought it smelled good because of the pretty flower scent. That is when I ordered a steam mop – no chemicals need and it has reusable pads.

That got the ball rolling and I started to think of other changes I could make. I am now making my own household cleaners and laundry detergent. Crazy, huh? Not so much when you think about all the chemicals you would be eliminating from your house. Plus, the savings is outrageous! That’s actually what sealed the deal for me. If you talk to any of my friends or family, they can tell you what a tightwad I am. There has also been a recent study released showing that housewives have a cancer and death rate almost double than women who work outside the home. Our homes contain many of the chemicals known to cause cancer – and many of them we use for cleaning.

This leads me to the other reasons why I have chosen to go green. Over the past several years, my mom and dad have had some serious health problems. My sister, sister-in-law, and I started doing some very in-depth research to help them through this and the thing we kept coming back to over and over again was how much food directly relates to the diseases we get. Most people don’t think about going green with changing their diet but it is worth some serious consideration. There are so many chemicals and preservatives put into our foods to make them taste better and to give them a longer shelf life. It’s not how food was intended to be and it’s not how our bodies were designed to receive food, either.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a health nut! All throughout my childhood, my parents struggled to get me to eat enough fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, that has carried over into my adulthood. I am definitely not an expert; I’m just trying to take steps for a healthier future.

I am new to this process so I hope you have fun and join me on my journey.

Thanks again Brittney for doing such a great job, and make sure you pamper yourself with your Organic Surge First Class Mask!

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