Stepping Out Naked

A newborn loves her little soft fluffy blanket because it is familiar and offers comfort in the absence of her mother’s loving embrace. Even when her mother is present and the blanket is absent, the attachment to the blanket may have grown so strong, that the child finds it impossible to fall asleep without it. As the baby grows into a toddler and strikes out on shaky legs, she becomes more confident which will hopefully translate into fewer glimpses of the blanket trailing along the carpet behind her.
Many of us were that little girl and through life we have replaced the perceived comfort of our little fluffy blankets with other things that we believe we cannot live without or be seen without. The one comfort that tops this list is our war paint aka make-up.

I cannot even remember how, when or why I started wearing make-up, its just seemed to happen as naturally as getting my first bra, funnily enough, I can’t remember when that was either. What I do know for certain though is that I need my bra; I mean really need it, so I would not be seen stepping out naked in that sense but the same cannot be said for my make-up. They say that your 30s are a time of enlightenment when you slowly start to become comfortable with yourself and with 40 just a few more firework displays away, I’m inclined to agree. I would also like to credit the paparazzi for accelerating this awakening by proving that without the fabulous make-up artists and airbrushing, the majority of A to Z list celebrities and the rest of us are actually standing on a level playing field in the looks department. I am not sure if it was a shriek of joy or a squeal of utter horror that I overheard in our coffee area last week when one of the girls caught sight of a photo of a famous “stunning” model regarded as one of hottest babes stateside without her make-up on. If that’s what war paint can do for her, someone get her make-up artist on the phone for me right now…..or maybe not.

Ladies, our faces are begging for a day off. Imagine our skin and pores basking in the daylight without the heavy cover of foundation and concealer, eyelashes gently fluttering above stunning ovals of natural colour and pretty pink lips that look beautiful just as they are. Our make-up creates such a flawless effect that we no longer see our own natural beauty because we no longer feel that the reflection we see in the mirror is beautiful. Maybe it’s time to get to know our faces again and to do that we need to see them naked more often. Below are some tips to make the process a little less traumatic.

Drink water

Health experts constantly tell us to hydrate our bodies by drinking water. This in turn helps our kidneys to effectively eliminate toxins. If these toxins are not eliminated, our bodies will seek alternative ways to cleanse which could include excreting some of these toxins through the skin and therefore the face.

Sleep well

The amount of sleep that each of us requires differs but we all have a minimum level needed to maintain a healthy glow. Insufficient amounts of sleep amount to dark circles under tired eyes and dull looking skin.


Our faces are exposed to dirt and impurities on a daily basis that we cannot even see with the naked eye. A good cleansing regime is an essential way to keep your skin healthy and invigorated. My face is currently a big fan of Organic Surge’s gentle cleansing lotion with lemon and rosemary essential oils.


A well moisturised face is a happy face that takes laughter lines and wrinkles in its stride. If you want to poke your tongue out at the ageing process moisturise in the morning and the evening. You may need to try a few different varieties before your skin decides on one it likes but please persevere because it will be worth in. In the winter months, to help combat the dryness of central heating, why not place a bowl of water on the side in your bedroom to help keep the air in the room getting too dry.

Slap on the sun protection to keep your face safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Love your eyebrows

I read somewhere recently that eyebrows are so last season and the new fashion craze is disguising your face to look like you have no eyebrows. My forehead will look about 3 inches longer without eyebrows so I’m not signing up. Contrary to the opinion of the genius that came up with this interesting idea, I stand in defence of the eyebrows. They enhance the beauty of a face so make sure yours are always tweezed, plucked or waxed.

Stepping out naked is daunting but all you need to remember is that make-up does not make you beautiful, it only enhances the natural beauty that you already are. 

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