5 Steps To "Toe-Tal" Bliss

Many of us have a love hate relationship with the appearance of our feet. Our toes play a leading role in the foot drama that ensues as soon as we vacuum pack our 50 denier tights and Ugg boots to make way for brightly coloured flip flops and strappy sandals. If your toes could act would they play the good, the bad or the ugly in a Western, the claw in a horror movie or happy feet in an animated blockbuster? Mine would probably audition for a part in Big Foot.

It is so easy to forget that most of us started our trek through life with perfect feet, if you don’t believe me, the next time you are handed a young baby have a look at their little marshmallows of perfection. You started life with a pair that looked exactly the same. What you now strut around on is the result of either your genes or poor footwear purchasing choices that probably made perfect sense when you were handing over the credit card you reserved for emergencies.

Don’t look at your feet in the same way you would an unwelcome admirer with greasy hair and bad teeth. Instead, spare a thought for the wonderful part they play in your day to day life. They bear the weight of your body, help you balance and use the toes (perfect or not) to push you forward to facilitate walking, running, jumping, climbing, the list just goes on.

Having now hopefully re-established toetal love with that little “you should be grateful” speech, the next stage is to nurture it to toetal bliss and there is no better way than with a relaxing spa pedicure treatment. The benefits of a good pedicure are well documented as are the different types ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, which stretch to having your feet soaked in Christal champagne or nibbled on by toothless doctor fish. However, not a lot is said about how we can protect ourselves so, here are a few safety tips to ensure you only walk away with happy feet:

Avoid shaving your legs at least 24 hours prior to a pedicure. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria into any little nicks on your legs caused by shaving.
Ensure that the pedicurist exams your feet prior to your treatment. If you are pregnant but not yet showing, do mention your condition as some slight modifications will need to be made to the foot massage segment of your treatment.

If your feet are to be soaked in a throne-like footbath, check to ensure that it has been properly cleaned before it is filled for your treatment. If you are not entirely happy with cleanliness of the footbath, do ask for a standard foot bowl to be used instead.
Make sure that your pedicurist uses a new disposable nail file from the start of your treatment. To prevent the transmission of nail infections, equipment that cannot be disinfected should be used for only one customer and then be discarded.
Do not allow you pedicurist to cut away your dead skin using a metal blade, this process should only be carried out by a qualified Chiropodist. Dead skin should be reduced by gentle exfoliation using a pumice stone or foot file.

So, whether you like to treat your feet to a regular professional pedicure or indulge them with a relaxing home treatment, be good to them and they in turn will be good to you.

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