10 Steps To Achieving Beauty From Within

There is an increasing amount of press exposure about ingestible health and beauty nutritional supplements. Collagen boosters, non surgical injections, slimming pills, face lifts in a bottle etc. You name it, and an ingestible will be coming to fix it.

However, if like me you would rather the natural way to stay looking young, fit and healthy for longer, you would be surprised the benefits that can be had from every day fruit, vegetables and ‘life routines’ – things you eat, drink and do without even thinking about it!
Here are my top 10 favourite ‘Did you know……’?

1. An apple a day keeps more than the doctor away….

The high levels of leptin found in celery and apples help the body burn fat cells helping you to stay slim.

2. Say cheese for a whiter smile…..

The calcium and phosphate found in cheese when combined with the saliva in your mouth can help prevent erosion of the enamel on your teeth.

3. Beauty Sleep is not a myth!

While you sleep, your skin is hard at work regenerating and repairing itself. Make sure you go to sleep moisturised and help sleep the wrinkles away.

4. Black – not jut a fashion basic!

The oils from blackcurrants contain GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which helps healthy skin, hair and nails to grow.

5. Drink away your dimples.

As some people believe cellulite can be caused by an insufficient water intake, make sure you drink plenty of water as we know this helps to plump out skin cells reducing the appearance of those unwanted dimples!

6. The Genuine Detox Atrichoke

Artichoke leaf extract contains a chemical called cynarin which helps to stimulate food breakdown and the release of toxins by helping to produce digestive enzymes.

7. Salmon Shine!

The oil found in Salomon is known to help plump the hair cuticle and keep it moisturized without being greasy. Don’t forget other oily options such as sardines, mackerel or anchovies.

8. Tea Thyme

Thyme is known to help fight bacteria which can cause acne. It contains deep cleansing elements that can remove dirt from the skin. So an infusion could be perfect.

9. B free from Liver Spots

B vitamins can be found in meats, yeast extract and cereals. This vitamin is thought to help clear up liver spots on hands and faces –which can be quite unsightly!

10. The topical boost!

Remember, that although there are many food stuffs that will have a direct impact on your skin… your skin is the last organ to benefit from any goodness you consume. Remember to opt for skin creams that are high in essentials such as calcium, zinc and magnesium to help give it a topical boost.

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