Old Wives Tales

Did you know that cucumber juice can help reduce redness and swelling? That zinc can help keep skin clear from blemishes? Sun damage does make pores larger, or that ketchup could help correct green tinges in blonde hair? With an endless array of solutions, remedies and sometimes bizarre answers to solving every day skin care concerns, no wonder choosing the correct product can be a nightmare.

However, there is an age old simple rule that can always be followed.

Botanical ingredients have been famed for keeping skin smooth, plumped and vibrant for thousands of years, and the effects of some of these age old traditional plant remedies are as good today as they were then.

What is also true is that there are key ingredients that no matter where you look, will always offer the results you crave. The solution doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive or even messy. A simple friendly guided hand and we can steer you in the right direction………

Look out for:

Aloe Vera – containing salicylic acid known to be both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial is a key ingredient to offer calming and soothing effects on irritated and inflamed skins.

Lavender – testified by modern science to have the power to aid rest and relaxation, this fantastic oil can help soothe headaches. Lavender also offers antiseptic properties and when applied neat to a spot, can help reduce sebum levels and calm spot redness.

Natural Vitamin E –derived from vegetable oils, and twice as powerful as the synthetic version is a key ingredient in optimising moisture levels and improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Sweet Almond – contains essential fatty acids, traces of B vitamins, and vitamin E. Very mild and non-irritating, this ingredient is excellent for sensitive/and or allergic skins, and is also good for those who suffer from acne due to it’s light weight non-comodogenic texture.

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