Organic Surge Extra Care Regime - For Combination/Oily Skin
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Organic Surge Extra Care Regime - For Combination/Oily Skin

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Not tested on animals
Suitable for vegetarians
Certified natural and organic


Our regime for dry/mature skin combines our Intensive Smoothing Serum, Nourishing Rose Day Cream and Replenishing Facial Oil.

Bundle includes:

Extra Care is a complete skin care regime. If you have dry or mature skin follow the simple steps of the Extra Care regime for Timeless Skin Solutions, and we are sure that you will be thrilled with the results.

  • To start your day, you need to cleanse your skin. We recommend you use our multi-award winning Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser, with the 100% cotton pure muslin cloth to gently remove dirt and impurities.
  • Facial serums have now replaced toner as a more useful skin care basic, so don’t miss out on this essential part of the regime. This velvety, easily spreadable gel restores radiance to full and uneven complexions
  • After you have used the cleanser and serum, use your ring finger (it's the weakest), to apply the Hydrating Eye Cream. Work from your lower outer eye clockwise to your right eye and anti-clockwise for your left, to cause minimal drag.
  • The final, and probably most important step in your day time skin care regime, even with oily skin it is vital not to strip your skin of the moisture it needs, as it will over compensate and produce yet more oil. The Ultra-light Oil Control Lotion will replenish and soothe your skin without leaving a greasy layer behind.

To make your routine ever more effective, we suggest incorporating the Radiance Recovery Night Cream into your evening regime too. Although it is more rich, bedtime is the perfect time to indulge in this luxury.